Meet the Cast of “Get Smart” (2008)

credit: Get Smart

The spy action comedy is one of the best sub-genres of comedy. It is a perfect blend of action and comedy. When you have an iconic comedic actor like Steve Carell playing the lead in a spy action comedy film, it’s bound to be a success.

Get Smart (2008) may have received mixed reviews from critics, but it was successful at the Box Office. The movie grossed a whopping $230.7 million on an $80 million budget. The movie’s storyline, screenplay, and cast no doubt contributed to its success.

At a time when Hollywood was churning out countless spy action films, one with a comedic touch was a breath of fresh air. The story follows an exceptionally brilliant but clumsy Intelligence Agency analyst who dreams of becoming a field agent someday.

When he finally gets his chance, he’s teamed up with a more professional agent who’s uninterested in playing the babysitter. Together, they work to stop KOAS, a terrorist organization, from detonating a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles and killing the U.S. President.

Here is the movie’s cast.

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell)


credit: Get Smart

Steve Carell plays the movie’s main protagonist, Maxwell Smart. Smart has always longed to be a field agent. When KOAS infiltrates CONTROL and reveals the identity of the agency’s agents, Smart is called upon to be an undercover field agent.

He’s assigned to work with the only agent whose identity has not been compromised, Agent 99. Although he has passed all the promotional tests to be a field agent, he was retained as an analyst because he’s good at it.

Smart uses his intelligence as an analyst and a new field agent to find the mole in CONTROL and stop the nuclear bomb from detonating. In the end, he becomes the hero for saving the President and the city.

Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway)

Agent 99

credit: Get Smart

The ever-gorgeous actress, Anne Hathaway, plays the role of Agent 99. She’s not present in CONTROL when the agency is attached by KOAS and is the only field agent whose identity is not blown.

She’s a lone agent who likes to think she works best alone. When the agency’s Chief assigns Smart to work with her as a team, she reluctantly agrees. She has to continuously protect Smart from killing himself and her, as well as try to stop KOAS.

After days of working with Smart, she soon begins to develop feelings for him. While his clumsiness is glaring for anyone to see, she’s attracted to his intelligence and innocence.

Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson)

Agent 23

credit: Get Smart

Dwayne Johnson’s career was still on the rise, but he still gave a superb performance as Agent 23. Agent 23 has been Smart’s field agent idol for as long as he can remember. Agent 23 got the physique, intelligence, and success as an agent that many lower agents wished to have.

With the agent’s identity blown, Agent 23 is unable to work in the field. He begins to suspect Smart as the agency’s mole when he does not discover the nuclear weapons factory, as reported by Smart. Later, Smart’s Geiger counter-equipped watch would expose Agent 23’s involvement in nuclear weapons.

The Chief (Alan Arkin)

The Chief

credit: Get Smart

Alan Arkin plays The Chief, head of CONTROL. As a mentor of Smart, The Chief is highly impressed with Smart’s desk job as an Analyst for the agency. Even when Smart passes the field agent test, The Chief refuses to promote him because he believes he’s better suited as an Analyst for the agency.

With the agency’s agents exposed, The Chief’s hands are tied. He finally agrees to promote Analyst Maxwell Smart.

Siegfried (Terence Stamp)


credit: Get Smart

Every spy action film needs a villain, and Siegfried fits the bill. Terence Stamp plays the role of the boss and head of KOAS. He gets a mole in CONTROL to reveal the identity of the other agents, with plans to kill them all, from stopping his plans.

With his nuclear weapon bomb ready for detonation, he informs the U.S. President that he needs to be paid a ransom of $200 million. When his threat is not taken seriously, he chooses to plant the bomb in Disney Hall. It’s rigged to explode at the final note of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. However, his plans are stopped when Smart tackles the orchestra’s conductor before hitting the final note.

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