The Five Worst Bruce Willis Movies of His Career

The Five Worst Bruce Willis Movies of His Career

The Five Worst Bruce Willis Movies of His Career

There’s a moment in an actor’s life when they become less of a talent and more of a joke, and while it’s entirely possible to move beyond that period of time and become the top actor that people know them to be, folks such as Bruce Willis have had a hard time really getting the same number of people to believe that they’re worth the effort once again. At certain points in his career, Willis has been the kind of guy that people can’t help but love since he’s the hard-hitting, no-nonsense type that folks want to think can be someone they might look up to in real life given that his characters have often been kind of the hard-bitten, everyman types that know what it’s like to live out in the world and be a part of it. But the moment he started taking on roles that appeared to be less about quality and more about quantity, his star began to dim. Like it or not, he’s been something of a joke since the Die Hard movies started moving into part three and beyond, and the fact that there’s a plan for another one is only making things worse since it makes it apparent that Bruce is out for a paycheck. This isn’t a bad thing, everyone wants to get paid after all, but the fact that he’s sacrificing quality in order to keep getting paid is hard for a lot of fans to take, while others will just close their eyes and ears and keep proclaiming him as one of the top stars in Hollywood.

Here are a few of Bruce Willis’ worst movies.

5. A Good Day to Die Hard

Seriously, the franchise should have ended at the first or second movie and called it good since a New York detective being able to take down some of the enemies that he’s been pitted against in the last few movies is beyond ludicrous. It’s true, a lot of us love to see the wildly fantastic and out of control action and ideas take shape, but in this manner, the Die Hard movies have made it clear that they’re beyond the realm of possibility to such a degree that they’re now trying to sell us into believing that a cop can go out and survive a run-in with another terrorist group that is intent on killing him and his son. It gets to be a little old after a while, the idea that anyone in McClane’s path will be unable to stop him.

4. Mercury Rising

Seriously, this movie is just flat out boring since not only does Alec Baldwin come off as kind of programmed and incapable of really helping to push the story forward, but Willis isn’t even able to keep this thing more interesting than a Bingo tournament at a local community church. The whole angle of an autistic kid being able to break a top-secret code is unbelievable enough, but thinking that one man is enough to keep him from being snatched and possibly eliminated is another reason why Bruce Willis movies become unbelievable, since he’s not Rambo or John Matrix, and his lone wolf days didn’t really make it past Die Hard.

3. Death Wish

Was anyone else really hoping that this movie would never be remade? Granted, there were a few cool moments throughout the movie, but in its entirety the thing wasn’t really that great since one has to think that at some point the bad guys would realize that just eliminating him wouldn’t be that hard since he’s a doctor with a set of guns, not a trained cop or soldier. This is why rooting for the bad guys might be kind of deplorable, but at the same time it’s justified since taking a character like this and turning him into a sudden badass just doesn’t work. Really, he went from kind and concerned doctor to vigilante in a very short time.

2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

First off, the movie wasn’t that great apart from a few key action scenes, and the fact that they had to do without several characters from the first movie was hard to deal with. But on top of that, bringing in another character that was supposed to be able to help was done more for comic relief it feels than anything else. The movie didn’t need any further star power, it had Dwayne Johnson for crying out loud. But as a lot of fans should have already known, kind of like the Transformers, more specialists were going to be brought in since G.I. Joe was always known for having a lot of people with interesting code names and specialties.

1. Death Becomes Her

I get the feeling that talking ill of Goldie Hawn or especially Meryl Streep would be a bad idea, so here we go. The movie was all sorts of ridiculous and people accepted this no matter how much they cringed while watching it. The fact is that they took Bruce Willis, a guy that was already making his way forward with great movies that had elevated him to certain level, and turned him into a weak-willed caricature that wasn’t really that effective, even for a flop like this one.

Yes, Bruce Willis has made some truly horrendous movies.

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