Meet the Cast of BET’s Ladies Night

Ladies Night is a docuseries on BET that follows the lives of the hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa while they are preparing for a Las Vegas Residency. IMDb says that this reality series also covers them as they embark on a nationwide tour with S.W.V, the famous R&B group. This reality series premiered on April 30, 2019. Here is your chance to meet the cast of this music-themed reality series.

Cheryl Renee James

Cheryl Renee James is better known as Salt, one-third of the hip hop trio Salt-N-Pepa She was born in New York City on March 28, 1966. James originally began training as a nurse at college, and then worked at a solicitor’s office with Sandra Denton, who would become her bandmate. She formed Salt-N-Pepa with Denton in 1986, and the group went on to record five successful albums together and to win a Grammy Award. James was in a long-term relationship with the group’s manager Hurby Azor from 1984 to 1989. In 2000, she married Gavin Wray, but they later divorced in 2018. James has appeared in several reality television series in addition to her work in the music industry.

Sandra Denton

Sandra Denton, better known as Pepa, is one part of the hip hop trio Salt-N-Pepa. She was born in Jamaica where she was raised on a farm until the family moved to Queens, New York when she was six. Denton has enjoyed a diverse career as she has been involved in many more ventures than just her work in the music industry. She has also appeared in several reality television series and was the owner of a retail clothing store in Atlanta, Georgia. Denton had a son in 1990 with rapper Tyran ‘Tah-Tah’ Moore. She then married rapper Treach in 1999, a year after the birth of their daughter, Egypt Jahnari Criss. They divorced just two years later following allegations of Treach physically abusing Denton.

DJ Spinderella

Deidra Roper, better known as DJ Spinderella, is one-third of the trio hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa. She was born in New York City in the early 1970s and began her career in music in her teens. DJ Spinderella met Salt-N-Pepa in 1986 when they were just starting their career as a group. Their original DJ had missed several rehearsals, so DJ Spinderella was chosen to replace her. In addition to being part of this hip hop group, DJ Spinderella has also worked as a radio personality and founded the Spinderella DJ Academy. She has also appeared briefly in a few reality television series. Just after the launch of the Ladies Night series DJ Spinderella revealed that she had been terminated from Salt-N-Pepa, something which had been kept under wraps. This was something that happened after filming for Ladies Night was complete.

Cheryl ‘Coko’ Gamble

Cheryl Gamble is better known by her stage name ‘Coko’ she is one of the members of Sisters With Voices, which is an R&B group usually abbreviated to S.W.V. As the lead singer of the group, she became known for her high pitch and her vocal acrobatics. She was born in The Bronx in 1970 and her career began in 1992. This singer, songwriter and television personality has also enjoyed a solo career in addition to her work with the group. Gamble had a son, Jaz Butler, in 1995. In 2006, she married Mike ‘Big Mike’ Clemons, who is a gospel producer and was the drummer for ‘Israel and New Breed. Together, the couple has a son, Jaylon Clemons. Sadly, the couple announced that they had filed for divorce in 2018. Gamble’s most recent work is appearing in BET’s reality television series ‘Ladies Night’.

Tamara ‘Taj’ Johnson-George

Tamara Johnson-George is a rapper, singer, and actress who is better known by her stage name ‘Taj’. She is best known as one part of the trio Sisters With Voices. She was the Mezzo-Soprano of the group and her voice was distinctive due to its jazzy and blues sound. When the group originally disbanded in 1998, she signed a two-year contract with Ford Modeling Agency. She began dating Tennessee Titan Eddie George in 1994, and the couple married in 2004. A year later, she gave birth to their son Eriq Michael George. In addition to her music career, Taj earned a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and contributed to several books. She also appeared in the reality series ‘I Married a Baller’. In 2009., Tamara Johnson-George was one of the contestants on ‘Survivor: Tocantins’. Despite not being able to swim, she was one of the strongest contestants and finished fourth in the series.

Leanne ‘Lelee’ Lyons

Leanne Lyons is better known by her stage name ‘Lelle’. She is the Contralto of ‘Sisters With Voices’ and sings the lower parts of their music even though she has the lightest voice. This singer, songwriter, and television personality was born in 1973 in The Bronx. It was Lyons idea to form a girl group after she was inspired by the TV competition show ‘Star Search’. She formed the group with her neighborhood friend Cheryl Gamble and they were later joined by Tamara Johnson-George. The group sold more than 15 million albums worldwide and becoming one of the most successful girl groups of all-time. When the group disbanded in the late 90s, Lyons decided to take a break from the music industry. She earned her G.E.D. and began working or an accounting firm. This helped her to cope through a difficult tie when she was feeling depressed. In 2005, Gamble contacted Lyons about reforming the group for a performance in Japan. Lyons was already a mother when she became famous as she had dropped out of school at the age of 16 to care for her newborn daughter. By the time she was 17, she also had a son.

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