10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mckenzi Brooke

When it comes to TikTok, everyone wants to be a star. They want to make a video, find that it goes viral, and they want to change the game entirely as a result. For someone like McKenzi Brooke, her dream of becoming an internet sensation via TikTok has come true. She began filming herself for the platform and quickly found that her fan base was growing, her likes increasing, and her engagement was through the roof. Now, she is one of the most famous young stars on the platform, and her fans are itching to know more about her.

1. She Has Been Online a While

When she first joined TikTok, there were no famous people making videos and going viral. It was not nearly as prevalent back then, but now it is. Her first time on the app was in 2016. Early 2016, if you want to be more specific. She posted her first video in January of that year. It’s been more than five years now.

2. She is Young

McKenzi Brooke is exceptionally young. She was born on December 27, 2003. She is only 17 as of 2021, which means she is still a high school student, and she is not even a legal adult yet. She’s working hard and doing all she can with her career now, and we imagine she’ll do even more when she reaches the legal age of 18.

3. She is an Actress

Since she’s become famous, she’s also done some acting. She acts on a show called “Attaway General,” and it’s based on the Brat’s Chicken Girl’s fictional town. She and a group of other young women act on the show as volunteers at a hospital in this fictional town. It’s the same show that Dixie D’Amelio is on.

4. She Worked with DJ Khaled

She once worked with one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. She was in a 2019 video with him that was posted to Instagram, and the world was a little wild about it. It’s got to be one of the coolest things she’s gotten to do in her life working with someone that famous.

5. She’s Close to Her Mom

She shared a photo of herself with her mom on Mother’s Day in which they were decked out in their Miami Dolphins apparel with Brooke was a little girl. They are sitting in the Dolphin’s stadium cheering on their favorite team, and they are very sweet together. She’s close to her family, and it’s the best.

6. She’s Close to her Brother

She has a brother, and they are close. She works with him a lot, shares a lot of videos with him, and even did the whole “oops my towel fell off when I was filming myself,” prank with him. He was brushing his teeth in their bathroom at home, and she made it look like she came out of the shower in her towel and was standing next to him. When she dropped her towel, he immediately turned around and ran away not realizing she had clothes on under.

7. She Films in Her Neighborhood a Lot

So much of what she shares on social media is herself dancing around in her neighborhood. She’s on the sidewalk, she’s on the street, and she’s often seen showing people watching her. We imagine that her neighbors must wonder what she is up to on a regular basis.

8. She’s Very Private

Of course, she is a young woman who isn’t even an adult yet. She has to be very private, and we imagine her team makes sure that everything she is up to in life is kept as quiet as possible unless she shares it. They don’t discuss where she lives – though we think it’s south Florida – and she doesn’t discuss her personal life.

9. She’s Not Dating

From what we can figure, she is not dating anyone. She is, after all, only 17, so we imagine that the dating pool has been a little limited for her in the past year with so much of the country in a lockdown state. She doesn’t share any photos of herself online with any one guy, so we don’t know if she’s just very private about a relationship or she’s just not in one.

10. She’s Doing Well

Again, she’s still a child and we cannot speculate on her financial status. She’s probably not even in charge of her own finances at 17. However, she’s thought to have a net worth somewhere around $850k, which is definitely not a bad living for a teen.

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