Maybe Jensen Ackles Should Be Cast as Batman

Maybe Jensen Ackles Should Be Cast as Batman
Maybe Jensen Ackles Should Be Cast as Batman

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Maybe Jensen Ackles should be cast as Batman. It’s not the worst idea to ever come around. But there is enough history with the character to think that this would need a little more scrutiny. Jensen is, without any doubt, a worthwhile actor for many projects. 

But the fact is that Batman has elevated a couple of people. However, it’s been the wrong role for a couple of others. There are fans who would argue this point, but it’s tough to argue against facts. After watching Jensen in The Boys, though, it’s easy to think that he could take on another suit. 

Soldier Boy isn’t a glowing recommendation when it comes to playing Batman, but it’s still worth mentioning. The fact that he’s portrayed someone who was seen as a superhero at one point is enough. To ask Jensen to take on the role of someone who’s better than Soldier Boy but still dark and brooding isn’t that tough.

Artists have even gone as far as to depict Ackles as the dark knight, and the look is hard to deny. The fact is that there are those who can portray this role without fail and others who aren’t quite fit for the part. 

Maybe Jensen Ackles Should Be Cast as Batman

credit: The Boys

Batman does require a certain type of person

Several men have portrayed Batman at this point. Some of them have made it work, and others have fallen short. But the point is that a certain type of individual is needed for this role. The acting abilities of many individuals are great enough for this part. But an all-around character profile is needed to make this work.

That sounds incredibly elitist and not at all inclusive. But the truth is that Batman does require an actor that looks and can act tough. Both sides of this character require someone that versatile and can successfully exemplify the role. A dark, brooding individual who can also act like a billionaire playboy is not easy to find. Christian Bale was a good pick, as he personified Batman. 

Some think that Val Kilmer made this work, and in all fairness, he wasn’t the worst. However, he still wasn’t quite as great in this role as others. It’s a tough role to get right. 

A lot of guys would love to take this role

There are plenty of actors who would love to take on this role. The opportunity to portray Batman can elevate a career if done right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of individuals who aren’t able to make this work. It’s usually appearance, acting ability, or just a general idea that the person isn’t right. 

Some actors have little more than disdain for superhero movies. The idea that some push is that they’re jealous of such movies and their popularity. However, there are some elitists in Hollywood who tend to think that comic book movies are not worthwhile. 

Throughout cinematic history, only a few individuals have ever nailed this character. To think that Jensen Ackles could join that number isn’t far-fetched. He has the look, and he’s displayed the capabilities that are necessary. 

Maybe Jensen Ackles Should Be Cast as Batman

credit: DC Comics

Jensen Ackles does appear to want this role

It sounds as though Jensen would like to portray Batman in Gotham Knights, but it’s uncertain if he wants the live-action role. Given that he’s taken on the role of a dark hero who is more like a villain, one can easily guess that he could portray the dark knight. That’s kind of a leap, but it also feels as though it could happen. 

At some point, it might come down to what the fans want versus what Jensen wants. In this case, it feels that fans might end up feeling disappointed since Batman is the type of role that the studio ends up filling with those that people least expect. How else could Robert Pattinson’s casting be explained? 

Some even question the idea that Michael Keaton was an awkward choice for Batman. But somehow, he made it work and has been idolized ever since. There are several individuals that can take on this role. But only a few can make it work to near perfection. 

It’s a tough choice to make for this character

Just because the role is perfect for some actors doesn’t mean that it’s easy to make a selection. A lot of famous names are typically mentioned when it comes to who can portray Batman. But unless one movie after another is made, using every actor named, this isn’t going to happen. Jensen should get a chance since the fact is that he has the build, the look, and the acting qualities. To be certain, it will likely interest a lot of people when James Gunn and Peter Safran start thinking of who will star as Batman in the reconstructed DCU. 

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