Five Things You didn’t Know About TwitchCon

TwitchCon is the gathering of Twitch Community broadcasters that brings amous personalities, groups and games together unde one venue. This year’s event was held on October 20th. There are so many stories shared at TwitchCon and it offers an in-person platform for creators to join with upcoming Twitchers to find new and innovative ways to improve their channels. Here are five things that you didn’t know about TwitchCon.

1. Twitchers have good reason to attend TwitchCon

Anyone who isn’t heavily involved in the Twitch Community may be wondering what the attraction to the event is. There are actually two. The first one is that people who have channels and want to make improvements to them can meet with some of the more established and successful Twitchers and tips on how to enhance what they already have going. The second reason is that there are always big giveaways and people really look forward to all of the free stuff that they can get there.

2. Lives can change at TwitchCon

The convention is complete with panels of experts that undestand what it takes to make money streaming. They share the methods that worked for them and let every one in on how to become successful. This is why we say lives can change at TwitchCon. It’s the place where serious streamers go to learn what it takes to make it big on the internet.

3. Underneath the fun and freebies is a serious note

Yes, there is a ton of free stuff and you can see some pretty amazing videos. But this isn’t all that there is to TwitchCon. One of the biggest underlying reasons that the convention is held is to share useful information. The entertainment and goodies are just icing on the cake. If you’re a streamer and you haven’t attended TwitchCon, we recommend that you make plans to be at the next event. There is so much information available for free. Where else can you pick the brains of some of the most successful streamers on the internet?

4. TwitchCon identified the biggest challenges with the Twitch Community

The panel convened with its Data experts, engineers and Twitch administrators to discuss the problem of chat and to discuss how the issues are overcome. Two more issues that arose throughout the discussion were how to increase the transparency and to avoid falling into unintentional problems. Creators need the help of troll fighting tools to avoid messy situations. Although some viewers who did not adhere to the rules of the channel may have been banned for being trolls, something needed to be done. Implementing this strategy has reduced the number of reports, penalties and bans and the protection is sorely needed.

5. Educational advice for balancing work and personal life

in the world of streaming, it is too easy to combine personal and work life so there are blurry or worse yet, no lines. This is an unhealthy habit to fall into. It not only causes problems in your personal life, but the issues that develop are likely to bleed into your streaming. There an be a lot of pressure involved with becoming popular and seeking high scores among viewers. While these are necessary to achieve success, it is important to draw the lines between work and personal time and to allow yourself a little down time to do other things that you enjoy. While socializing with viewers at special events is important, it cannot be your entire life. Physically separating work from personal areas is one of the recommendations that came from the panel.

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