10 Things You Didn’t Know About T’yanna Dream Wallace

10 Things You Didn’t Know About T’yanna Dream Wallace

10 Things You Didn’t Know About T’yanna Dream Wallace

T’yanna Dream Wallace is the daughter of The Notorious B.I.G. Although her father isn’t here to see what has become of her, she has grown up beautifully, and at the age of 26 she has become a woman that would make any father proud. To help you become better acquainted with her, here are 10 things you didn’t know about T’yanna Dream Wallace.

1. T’yanna has her own business

T’yanna has gone out into the world as an adult and become an entrepreneur. She established her own clothing line and she has a retail store that she calls Notoriouss. She chose this name to honor the memory of her late father and his legacy. She has plans to open a second store in Brooklyn and she’s just waiting for the all-clear and permission to reopen the successful store when restrictions from the current pandemic are lifted.

2. She grew up without her dad

When The Notorious B.I.G. was killed, T’yanna was only 3 years old. She didn’t have the privilege of growing up with the father who adored her from the time that she was born. Her father was murdered in 1997, and this left her and her brother without the man who made it plain that he wanted the best for his children.

3. T’yanna is the product of a long romance

T’yanna Dream Wallace’s mom and dad had been in a long relationship. Her mother is Jan Jackson, and the two got together when they were still in high school. They were high school sweethearts, and T’yanna was born of Biggie’s first romantic relationship. It’s a touching story and just one more sweet memory that she has to remember about her parents.

4. She went on to get a solid education

T’yanna Dream Wallace was made aware of what her father had hoped for her during the short time that he was in her life. He was a product of growing up on the streets and he didn’t get the opportunity to complete high school. B.I.G. knew the value of an education and his fame was hard-won without one. He wanted better for his daughter. She had this encouragement and she did complete high school, but she took it a step further. She enrolled in courses at Penn State and graduated with her college degree in 2015.

5. She wants to make it on her own merit

T’yanna isn’t the kind of person who rides on the coattails of others. Although her famous father left behind a legacy for her, and for the world of hip-hop, she has chosen not to ride on his former glory to navigate her way through the world. She is building her own career as a businesswoman and fashion designer. She does honor her father every chance that she gets, but it’s not to make a living from it, it’s because she is aware of where she comes from and she has pride in her heritage.

6. T’yanna has served as fashion show host

Wallace has done very well for herself. In addition to being a fashion designer with her own line of clothing and a retail sales outlet, she also puts on fashion shows. These are complete with a runway, models, and support staff to make the unveiling of her new fashion items complete. Her runway events have been very successful and she’s looking forward to sponsoring more of them once the country begins to open up for more social gathering events.

7. She had a public spat with PDiddy

T’yanna had a bit of a problem with Diddy and it went on for years. The rapper held an event to honor his late friend, The Notorious B.I.G., but he didn’t invite T’yanna to the event. She was understandably upset and she posted about it on social media. She also made it well known that he didn’t do anything to help the family of his friend, and she went for years without talking to him. Later, the two made up and she apologized for her earlier remarks and the rift has officially been healed between them.

8. She has a younger brother

T’yanna has a younger brother who is named after his famous father Christopher Wallace. Her half-sibling is the product of Biggie’s marriage to Faith Evans. The couple only had one son, and they gave him the name of his famous father. T’yanna’s mother, however, was the first love in Biggie’s life. Things didn’t work out for them and he moved on with his life, but T’yanna got a brother out of the deal.

9. T’yanna worked hard to get ahead in life

T’yanna Wallace is the type of woman who never felt that the world owed her a living and she didn’t ask for help from anyone along with way. After finishing high school, she went to Penn State to study for her degree. Instead of asking for help during her college years, she went out and got a job that she could work in between her business classes at Penn State. She worked in the school cafeteria. She’s a very independent person and although she had enough money for school, she worked so she could have some extra pocket money.

10. You can follow her on Instagram

T’yanna Dream Wallace has an active Instagram account and if you’re interested in keeping up with the daughter of Biggie Smalls, then you can certainly opt to follow her. She has a blossoming group of 175,000 followers so far. We visited the page and found 271 posts at the time with some really cool pictures of Wallace doing the things that she loves. Here is where you can keep up with her business, Notoriouss clothing, and with what’s going on in her personal life. It’s really great for fans to look at her photos because there is a definite family resemblance between T’yanna and her da.

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