10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Martinez

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Martinez

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez in Death Race

If she looks familiar then you might have been watching a TV show or a movie where she made an appearance. It’s highly likely since Natalie Martinez is one of those actresses that’s kind of like a surprise when you see her but a pleasant one since she’s not so over the top good that you’re blown away but more likely she can be described as just good enough that you can relate to her. She’s the down to earth type that looks untouchable, the kind that definitely knows how to put on a show and give you a round of entertainment but is able to go back when the day’s over and just kick off her shoes before relaxing and having a good time. She’s the actress you like to see but won’t demand all the time since she’s easy to enjoy but might not have that same wonderful spark if she was made to be in absolutely everything. She’s definitely worth the wait since she fills her roles so nicely that she can leave a viewer satisfied with the part she plays.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s the spokesmodel for JLO by Jennifer Lopez.

She’s been modeling for a while now, but honestly when you see her in a movie it’s hard to tell that she might have walked a runway at any point in her life since she’s so toned down in her attitude and style that she might as well be the girl next door.

9. She was in Death Race.

Pretty much all the women in this film, except for maybe the warden, were there for sex appeal since the music and the way they were dressed made it more than apparent that they were in on the game to give it that much more of a kick for viewers. But she played her part perfectly.

8. She was supposed to show up in Chuck.

Unfortunately her part got written out before she was able to get on the show. This does happen sometimes, it’s not entirely fair but the writers, directors, producers, and whoever else is in charge do tend to disagree at times and things get canned before they come to fruition.

7. She wanted to be a midwife.

Natalie has a lot of respect for the miracle of birth and is highly enamored of it. She wanted to be a part of such a moment for those mothers that needed someone there to help and to support them in one of their most glorious moments. It’s touching really.

6. She’s into boxing and MMA.

She likes to stay active and considering that she’s proud to be a strong woman and is proud of her culture it would seem that her choice of activities would make it possible for her to practice being strong in other ways as well. In other words don’t mess with this woman if you want to keep your teeth and other parts.

5. She was in Under the Dome.

Unfortunately the buildup to this miniseries was more entertaining than the film itself since the book was a great deal better, at least until the end. King is a master of horror but some of his stories tend to end in ways that suggest he got bored and didn’t want to expend any more energy on it.

4. She’s a fan of Street Fighter.

You’ve got to love someone that loves the old school games and is into playing them every once in a while. She might not play a lot of video games at this time but the fact that she still loves Street Fighter is pretty cool.

3. She’s a car enthusiast.

It makes a lot more sense to have had her on Death Race now since she might not know everything about cars but she’s into them enough that she would have been able to get into the movie and her role a lot more.

2. Her career started in 2006.

She’s not as seasoned as some folks but she’s definitely seen enough in her career that she’s become a little wiser and more experienced. Twelve years in is more than enough to have gone from rookie to veteran, and quite honestly it would seem that she’s learned a lot, like how to keep moving forward when a series is cancelled.

1. She was in The Crossing.

As TV shows go this one seemed to have a lot of potential as it had the buildup for a great story and something that could have had huge implications for the show moving forward. But for some reason people just weren’t into it and the ratings were only average, which is kind of like a death knell for a lot of shows. Still, it doesn’t seem like the studio should have given up on this one so quickly.

She’s still building her career so be on the lookout for her.

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