10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lord Jamar

There are those that believe that their experience in life has taught them more than a person could ever learn from school and that their opinions are those that tend to matter the most because they come from a ‘real’ life experience and not some supposedly made-up history. Lord Jamar is one of those folks that has no problem telling people just what he thinks even if they don’t happen to like it since he’s pretty well steeped in the type of knowledge he believes is the truth and is crucial to those around him, particularly black folks if you listen to him talk, when it comes to making money and getting ahead in life. For some he might be hard to listen to since his words tend to come from a place that seems firmly rooted in a belief system that is highly inflexible and isn’t willing to give any ground, but others tend to think he speaks the truth and nothing but.

Here are a few things about Lord Jamar you might not have known.

10. At this time he’s co-hosting a podcast with Rah Digga.

He’s done quite a bit with his career over the years and at this time it would seem that he’s content to sit and host a podcast where he and his fellow host get to talk about the things that concern them and deliver their own truths to the people that are willing to listen.

9. He’s bit a little controversial in some of the things he’s said.

There are times when it seems that he doesn’t really care about what he’s saying no matter that it might actually offend another person and start a feud that doesn’t need to happen. He’s going to say it anyway since that’s who he is and in his mind it seems that backing down just isn’t an option.

8. At one point he said that white rappers are guests in hip hop.

This could morph into a huge controversy since he’s also gone into why black people being omitted from the country genre is racist as well. But as much as he’s said this he’s also admitted that white folks have been fully welcomed into rap culture, even though he’ll turn around and say that black people don’t listen to them, which is kind of silly since a lot of people do.

7. He’s been seen to act as well as rap.

So far in his life he’s got a decent acting resume and has been in movies as well as TV. Most of the time it seems he’s had guest spots here and there and has been gone after about an episode or so.

6. His social media account is active enough to notice.

If you’re ready to shake your head at some of his views then it’s a good site to visit since he’s plenty busy and has a few interesting theories and pics to share. Plus he’s usually kind of adamant about the theories that he holds onto and speaks about with a passion.

5. He’s made it clear what he thinks of Eminem.

The way he talks about Eminem makes a person think that he has absolutely no respect for him at all and doesn’t think he belongs in rap music. But there are a few things that Jamar has said that should have been given a second thought before they passed his lips.

4. He took a pretty low dig at Eminem by bringing his daughter into a conversation in a very wrong manner.

He likened a lyric in one of Em’s songs to Marshall actually ‘giving’ his daughter to Dr. Dre in a very suggestive way when the lyrics were understood by just about everyone else to be anything but lewd or dark as he was hinting at. Plus, you just don’t bring someone’s kid into conversation in this manner, it’s not a good idea no matter who you are.

3. His net worth is around $1.5 million.

Thanks to his time as a rapper and an actor he’s actually worth a good chunk of change since he’s been doing his thing for a while. But without that it seems like he might have been worth a lot less since quite honestly his talent is good enough, but his attitude is kind of iffy at times.

2. He’s been accused of being homophobic before.

He did manage to dispel this belief pretty quickly despite the fact that he stated that gay doesn’t belong in rap, which is about as controversial as you can get. He seems to say things without thinking sometimes and then doesn’t regret them once he does.

1. His views on college are somewhat dim.

Having earned his GED he takes a pretty dim view of college since he believes it’s a scam to get money. What he and a lot of other people don’t seem to realize about the whole issue of not having a job to pay your debt when you get out is this, you get out of school what you put in, meaning if you work for the job you want, then chances are you’re going to get it.

We all see the world in different ways, it doesn’t make it any more wrong or right until we exchange perceptions.

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