Metal Gear Solid Movie to be Written by Derek Connolly

Derek Connolly has come a long way in the world thus far and is only going up from here. The film Metal Gear Solid, which is based on the video game released in the 1990’s, is now going to be his latest contribution to the film industry as he’s been brought on to write for the film. Derek has been a prominent writer in the industry for just long enough to have written and produced some very memorable movies that have gone on to attain box office fame and create a serious buzz in Hollywood. He’s still making his way in Hollywood but so far he’s come in with an impact that has managed to land him some seriously impressive jobs and will no doubt allow him to continue his rise through the ranks.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

5. He’s written and produced a couple of big productions.

The film that got him noticed, Safety Not Guaranteed, is one of the films that he wrote and produced. He’s also worked on Kong: Skull Island, and Jurassic World. He’s been tapped as a writer for the sequel to Jurassic World as well, and will be helping out as much as he can in an attempt to make the sequel something that fans will anticipate as a worthy follow-up to the original film.

4. Don’t ask him about working with Matthew Broderick.

If asked about working with Broderick on the set of The Tale of Despereaux he’ll reportedly go on a week-long rant that would likely drive the most patient person up the wall and out the door. This is kind of amusing because it’s been reported that Connolly had absolutely nothing to do with the film. He is an avid lover of the film however, maybe that gives him leeway to gripe.

3. He’s a devoted customer of Black Angus Steakhouse restaurants. 

We all have our favorite spots to go to and it’s one that a lot of people can agree is one of the better spots to favor. It might even be the kind of place where he likes to conduct business meetings and collaborations, as it is a fairly nice and not entirely expensive place to sit and enjoy one’s company or just enjoy a good meal while talking about current or future projects.

2. While on set he once caught enough catfish to feed the cast and crew.

He was filming the boat scene in Safety Not Guaranteed and actually managed to catch enough fish for everyone. That’s a very hefty job if you think about it, but maybe the cast and crew weren’t that many so it could have been something fairly simple to do. Still, it kind of makes him seem like the kind of guy that will seek to take care of those around him when he can. That’s inspiring.

1. He likes to work with Colin Trevorrow.

It looks like he’s only worked with the director twice thus far but that’s enough time to discover that you enjoy working with someone. In fact if you don’t care for a person the first time you work with them there’s always a good chance you won’t do it again. So this must be a workable deal between the two of them.

Metal Gear Solid should be something to see with Connolly behind the pen.

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