Whatever Happened To Kyle Schmid?

Whatever Happened To Kyle Schmid?

Kyle Schmid is a Canadian actor that is best known for his roles in Blood Ties and Being Human. He also had a career as a teen star in a number of Disney productions. Although you may not have seen as much of him lately, he is still working and we can expect to see a lot more of him on TV and in films soon.

Some of Kyle’s first roles were in Disney Channel films such as Alley Cats Strike and The Cheetah Girls. He was seen as something of a teenage heartthrob when he starred in these movies. He was one of the main characters in Alley Cats Strike and starred alongside Kaley Cuoco who has gone on to become a household name. He played the love interest of Raven-Symone in The Cheetah Girls who also starred in her own TV series on the Disney Channel ‘That’s So Raven.’

He starred in Blood Ties as a 470-year-old vampire named Henry Fitzroy. He was one of the main characters in the show which was based around a former police officer and his character forming an unlikely partnership to help solve crimes and other supernatural mysteries. This was the role where he really shot to fame and before his current role in Six, was probably the show for which he was best known. Shows about vampires are nothing new and there are many other examples that you can probably think of. Blood Ties offered something a little different though and Kyle’s role as Henry definitely had something to do with this.

Since these series ended he had a number of roles in shows such as Arrow, Motive, and CSI: Cyber. He has been working continuously for almost twenty years and even when he has not had regular parts in a show, he has still had guest roles in some well-known TV shows. There is a good chance that you would have seen a show that he was in, even if you were not completely aware of who he was.

At the moment he is starring as Alex Caulder in the History show Six. The show is now in its second season and Kyle is one of the main cast, having appeared in every episode so far. Season two has just started broadcasting and so if you want to see Kyle Schmid on TV this is the place to do it. It has not yet been announced whether the show will return for a third season. The ratings for the first few episodes of season two have not been as high as the first season but this is no reason to automatically assume that the show will be canceled.

He is also due to play the role of Xander in the upcoming film The Test. Filming is still taking place and no release date for the movie has been confirmed as of yet. The plot of the film is centered around a woman who becomes homeless after data about her falls into the wrong hands. Apart from casting information and a brief plot outline no other details about the film have been released as of yet. Therefore it is unclear how much of a role Kyle will play in the film.

In terms of his personal life, he prefers to keep details to himself. He regularly posts photos on Instagram for his fans. A lot of these photos show him working out and he has spoken in the past of his belief that everyone should get outside and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. Instagram seems to be the social media platform that he uses the most and this is a good place for his fans to find out what he is up to and the projects that he has in the pipeline.

There are not many actors that started so young that have managed to make such a longstanding career for themselves. Kyle has demonstrated that he can play a wide range of different roles and this is sure to help him in the future as he auditions for more roles. At the moment it seems as if he is focusing on Six but there are sure to be more projects that he will be working on soon.

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