Maybe It’s Time for Another Creepshow Movie?

Yes, there was a Creepshow 3 that showed up in 2007, but for the sake of the integrity of the original two movies let’s just pretend, for the moment, that it flew so far under the radar that people didn’t notice it. The first and second Creepshow movies were campy, ridiculous, and over the top silly, as was the one that I won’t talk much about, but there’s a big difference. The first two were created and released in a manner that made them fit their time period and were appreciated by those that came later who enjoyed schlocky horror. The third one that’s one record, well, it kind of missed the boat. There might be those that would say that creating another Creepshow movie in this day and age might not be a good idea, but perhaps if Stephen King could be persuaded into applying his skills to the writing of this new movie it might work, since his genius was what helped the first two movies attain their notoriety, especially given that King did appear in both of them, which is always a treat. 

The upside is that the 2007 movie is not a recognized follow-up to the first two movies, and it’s fair to say that things could be built off of the originals in order to keep at least a semblance of continuity. If anyone remembers, the first movie didn’t have a lot of interaction from the Creep, the ghastly figure that would go on to narrate the second movie in animated form. But the cover of each movie and the general idea that there was someone narrating the gaps between the stories, such as it happened in Tales from the Crypt with the horrid Crypt Keeper, was kind of fun since it gave the feel of the audience being guided from one story to another. 

As for the stories, it’s fair to say that each one of them were unique in their own way, though there were several horror elements that might have been noticed by many fans since a few of the tales did have very recognizable and even predictable plots that were in a sense meant to be simple and to the point. Since the first movie, Creepshow has basically been the type of fun horror that one can’t help but laugh at since it is campy, it is over the top, and it does offer a lot of chance for ridicule and mockery, but that’s kind of the point. This is the type of horror that people can have fun with since it’s encouraged in a big way, as the characters and the stories are so wild and out of control at times that one can’t help but think that they were meant to shock and titillate but also amuse in a very obvious way. Bringing back a bit of that to modern-day cinema might sound like a ridiculous and kind of odd idea to have, but at the same time, if nostalgia is such a big thing at this time, it’s only natural to think that maybe it would be a good idea to bring something like this back for people to enjoy. 

Even more to the point, the type of horror shouldn’t be changed either, since besides nostalgia, it’s fair to say that horror has become incredibly predictable over the years, and while it’s had its ups and downs like any other part of show business, there’s something nice and familiar about the ridiculous and predictable horror that’s kind of like comfort food, especially when it comes to practical effects that don’t rely so heavily on CGI. Granted, there’s bound to be the need for such a thing for a while to come since people love seeing great CGI and don’t mind making fun of bad CGI at times, but with Creepshow it feels as though practical effects have helped to make the movies what they became, which is legendary in a way and fun and familiar in another. Some folks are bound to roll their eyes at the notes of sentimentality that arise when talking about the good old days and the types of effects that used to drive people out of their minds with fear. But one thing you can say about practical effects, particularly when they’re done right, is that they work.  So to be fair, Creepshow should probably get at least a run on a streaming site to see if another anthology is worth it, but manage to get King to write for another movie would be a lot of fun since he hasn’t really lost much with age, and it’s easy to think that if he had the motivation and the desire for this that he could come up with another batch of great stories for someone with ambition to play off of. 

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