10 Intriguing Facts About Big Brother’s Matt Turner

10 Intriguing Facts About Big Brother’s Matt Turner

10 Intriguing Facts About Big Brother’s Matt Turner

Over the last two decades, numerous reality TV shows have come and gone. However, Big Brother has remained a popular staple in the genre. The intense competition that comes with each season keeps viewers hooked. As a House Guest on the show’s 24th season, Matt Turner is thrilled to be part of the Big Brother family and even more excited about the possibility of winning $750,000. Despite some people underestimating him based on his appearance, Matt is a fierce competitor who knows exactly how he wants to play the game. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Matt Turner.

1. He’s From Massachusetts

Big Brother welcomes House Guests from all over the country. Matt hails from North Attleboro, Massachusetts, and it appears that he has lived in the area for his entire life.

2. His Sister Accused Him of Some Awful Things

It’s fairly common for unfavorable information to surface about someone once they gain public attention. That’s precisely what happened to Matt when his sister Holly took to Twitter with unsettling allegations about her brother. In one tweet, she wrote: “just heard that my younger brother, Matt Turner, is on Big Brother this season. FYI: this kid bullied me my entire life.” She also claimed that Matthew manipulated their parents into kicking her out of the house in 2020.

3. He’s Lived in a Van

In recent years, many people have chosen to live in vans and travel around the country as a way to save on expenses and embark on exciting adventures. This lifestyle is typically referred to as “van life.” Matt’s Instagram profile reveals that he has lived in a van, although it’s unclear if he still does.

4. He Isn’t Afraid to Go Against His Alliance

Forming strong alliances is crucial on a show like Big Brother. However, at some point, everyone will have to turn against their alliance for the sake of their individual game. Some people are uncomfortable doing this, but others aren’t – and Matt belongs to the latter group. A quote from his Big Brother Fandom page states: “At the end of the day, I’m playing for myself. If it’s gonna hurt my alliance a little bit but also help me in the long run, I’m definitely gonna go for myself.”

5. He Was an Editor for MrBeast

MrBeast is one of YouTube’s most popular personalities, and Matt used to work for him as an editor. It’s unclear why they parted ways, but Matt’s sister has a theory. On Twitter, she wrote: “Also, FYI, as evidence for how big a piece of s**t he is – if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Beast. My brother was his employee and made up lies about him to try and cancel him to kickstart his own bullshit YouTube career.”

6. He Owns a Store

His days of working for MrBeast may be over, but Matt has found a new career path. He owns a vintage store called The Rug Shop in Bridgewater, MA, and takes pride in being a successful business owner.

7. He Has a YouTube Channel

While we can’t determine the veracity of Matt’s sister’s allegations, there is some truth to her statement that he wanted to start his own YouTube career. He has a channel called Turner, where he posts various content types. Currently, he has 6,700 subscribers and his videos have garnered more than 173,000 views.

8. He Likes to Travel

The world is vast and beautiful, and Matt wants to see as much of it as possible. He enjoys traveling and has visited countries like Indonesia and Vietnam – experiences that can also spark creativity.

9. He’s in a Relationship

Not only does Matt want to win the money for himself, but he also has someone else to consider. He is in a relationship with a woman named Megan, with whom he co-owns The Rug Shop. Although we couldn’t find any details on how long the couple has been together, they seem to be going strong.

10. He Loves Taking Pictures

In addition to his other pursuits, Matt spends a lot of time taking pictures. He is a talented photographer with a natural eye for capturing the best moments. He has shared many of his photos on his Instagram profile.

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