What is the Curse of the Curse of Oak Island?

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The Curse of Oak Island is a reality television show that’s been airing since 2014. The premise is simple for those who know little to nothing about it. It’s about treasure hunters. Oak Island is found along the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s rumored to house a massive treasure that’s been elusive enough that people still search for it. The show follows a couple of treasure hunters as they attempt to locate the Oak Island Treasure. The tenth season of The Curse of Oak Island premiered on November 15, 2022, and fans can watch their favorite treasure hunters search for the treasure on The History Channel.

Now that you know where you can watch the show, it begs the question. Is there an Oak Island Treasure? Is this myth real? Will these men and women ever find what they are looking for, or is this a ‘legend’ designed for television entertainment purposes only? It’s time to find out the real story about the Oak Island treasure, the curse, and everything in between.

Is There an Oak Island Treasure to Be Found?

No one knows. Many artifacts have been found on the island over the years, dating as far back as the 1700s and 1800s, but that’s not uncommon. There are ancient artifacts all over the world when you think about it. We’re not the first ones to live here, and others left behind their belongings, too.

However, there are rumors swirling that there is major treasure buried, hidden, and on the island. These rumors are mostly the ones passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, but those who believe the stories have found a way to finance their digs and searches for centuries. As for what treasure might lie on this freezing cold, dangerous island, there are many stories. The Ark of the Covenant, for example, is the ‘most sacred relic of the Israelites’ and is discussed in the Bible’s Book of Exodus. It’s rumored to be on the island.

The Holy Grail is also rumored to be on the island. According to Arthurian literature, the Holy Grail might be a cup or a dish – perhaps even a stone. However, what it is does not matter. It’s what it does that matters. The Holy Grail is said to contain healing powers no one can fathom. Additionally, there are rumors that pirate treasure exists on the island (that’s believable, honestly) and even some of Shakespeare’s manuscripts (how did those get there?).

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What is the Curse that the Show Speaks Of?

Now that you know the potential treasures buried on the island, what about the curse? The show is called The Curse of Oak Island, presumably because there is some story to be told. Legend has it that the many rumored treasures on the island will not be found until the island has taken the lives of seven men in search of the treasure. According to the curse, no one will ever find the treasures of this island until seven men’s lives are lost.

We don’t know the island’s history, but people have been looking for treasure for many years. We’ve yet to see a man die on a television show, but we imagine that many have passed away in less recent times. Surely seven men since the 1700 and 1800s have passed searching for these treasures?

There Have Been Six Deaths

The curse says seven men must die prior to finding the treasure, and we’ve found that at least six men have died. According to Wikipedia, the first death came in a series of men searching for the treasure in 1861. One was killed with the pump of an engine oiler burst while looking for the treasure. The second accidental death occurred in 1897 when a man fell to his death on the island. Four more deaths occurred over the years.

Credit: @curseofoakisland

There are a few theories about the island, but our favorite is that Blackbeard himself was there. He’s said to have buried his treasure so well that no one but ‘Satan and myself can find it,’ which is certainly a more fun theory than others. Many rumors include stories of Marie Antoinette’s jewels being hidden on the island. Will anything ever be found? Is the curse real? Is it possible the world is on to something and that someone will eventually stumble upon a treasure so valuable it’s discussed in the Bible or can cure disease? No one knows, but the show is on the air, and you can watch for yourself as men try.

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