Marvel vs. DC Movies: Who Will Own 2022?

Marvel vs. DC Movies: Who Will Own 2022?

It’s a good thing that there’s no bad blood between the MCU and DCEU given that the latter is bringing five movies to the big screen in 2022 while the former will only be launching three. The thing about this however is that the MCU has been on fire since Iron Man came out over a decade ago, while the DCEU nearly disbanded at one point since their emergence into the movie scene was kind of a rough stumble. What’s really funny about this is that DC has been pushing its heroes to the screen for much longer. Marvel managed to capitalize on the movie heroes in a big way since Iron Man was only the beginning of the MCU, as many were bound to come, even if people weren’t entirely satisfied that the movies didn’t follow the source material step for step at times. The MCU still exploded early on and didn’t slow up until recently, when the movies coming out now are mostly sequels while the originals are still coming, but aren’t being pushed so heavily. In other words, the MCU established itself a while ago and has been rolling successfully along for a while now.

They won’t be dropping a year to the DCEU in any way, since the MCU is also operating on Disney+ with new shows coming out and other features that people are interested in. Plus, and this is just a thought when the DC movies do hit the theaters,  there’s no guarantee that they’re going to perform the way that they need to in order to stand out. There’s a good chance that the DCEU will do just fine, but that’s not something we’ll be able to predict since there have been high expectations for a lot of movies, both MCU and DCEU, and both have had flops in the past. 2022 doesn’t belong to anyone until the tallies are in from the box office, but in terms of quantity, it does appear that the DCEU might take the year. As far as popularity, box office, and overall efficiency goes, it does feel as though the MCU might retain their hefty fanbase. 

In the long run, it doesn’t really matter apart from the income that will be earned by the stars, the franchises, and all those that are in connection with either side. The bragging rights are always going to shift back and forth since the truth is that a lot of fans happen to love both the DCEU and the MCU, and will end up going to whatever superhero movie happens to be out at the moment. Those that try to pit the fans against one another are the main problem that either franchise has since the friendly competition is nothing to worry over, but trying to pit fans against each other and trying to get them to pick a favorite, that’s kind of petty. The truth is that between the DCEU and MCU, there are a lot of fans that happen to enjoy both of them and will end up heading to the theater on each opening day when the movies open up. 

Just to be certain that we’re servicing the main point of this article though, from a box office standpoint, the DCEU does in fact have a better chance of pulling down greater numbers simply because there are two more movies coming out. But the big difference, as I already mentioned, is that the MCU has already proven itself in a big way, and more than once, meaning that this franchise can coast and continue to be excellent, but the pressure will still be there to spur them onward. When it comes to the rivalry between the two franchises it feels safe to say that it’s not that serious, since both franchises have made use of several actors that have gone back and forth between them, and again, there are a lot of fans that happen to love both and don’t really care who does better so long as they’re both in the theaters and on TV doing their best to entertain the people. As far as saying who can beat who, one has to remember that it’s up to the writers to determine what will happen and why, and what kind of outcome a person can expect.  But when it comes to who might take the biggest portion of the year when it comes to the overall popularity and bragging rights, it does feel as though the DCEU is gearing up to make 2022 their year, and it could happen that they’ll shine while the MCU will continue to build upon the greatness that was established a while back. In other words, both franchises are going to do great without any doubt, but the DCEU has more to lose and will need to be on point throughout the entire year if they really want to outdo the competition this time around. 

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