Why Martin Starr Would Rather Avoid Fame Altogether

It doesn’t seem like it would be right to say that Martin Starr isn’t as big of a celebrity as he seems to think, because quite honestly he’s been featured in some rather big name shows and movies. But it might be a little more accurate to say that if he did want to avoid fame altogether all he would have to do is step away from the spotlight. Unless you watch the show Silicon Valley or remember him from Freaks and Geeks you might not know who he is at all without looking up his accomplishments. He does have a good number of memorable moments on film so quite honestly if he has fans then he would be missed. But trying avoid fame altogether seems like something that wouldn’t be too hard as despite his fame, and it is real without a doubt, he doesn’t seem to be the most influential person in Hollywood, or even close to being someone that might be lamented if he stopped showing up. The probability of him never showing up in a movie or a show again is slim since it’s kind of obvious that he likes where he’s at and will gladly keep working. But what it seems like at this point, and from the interview that’s featured in the link above, is that he’s tired of the fans and the necessity of acknowledging them.

You can’t really blame him for that. Fans can be a bit unruly and even invasive at times when they really want an autograph or a picture. But the idea of thinking that they’ve reached an accomplishment by having their picture taken with a celebrity is a little bit pompous to be honest. A lot of fans will act as though taking their picture with a celebrity is the biggest accomplishment they’ve ever had in their life, which is a bit ludicrous since some fans go out of their way to bug celebrities for this chance. But then there are those that happen to see a celebrity walking by or in the same space and think that it would simply be nice to commemorate a random moment, so long as the celebrity is willing and doesn’t take offense to their, hopefully, polite intrusion. There is after all a way to go about asking a celebrity for their picture and/or autograph, and it doesn’t involve interrupting them or staring at them obsessively or even rushing up to them and making them think they’re about to be attacked.

Martin has a point that being approached for an autograph isn’t always worth the celebrity’s time, but one thing he seems to miss is that people tend to look up to celebrities for one reason or another. It’s not always the idol worship that people seem to think, as some celebrities do tend to inspire people to follow their dreams and become the people they want to be. In this case it could be that the person wants to say a very heartfelt thank you to the celebrity in their own way and perhaps just get a picture or an autograph as a reminder of how much of an inspiration that person is to them. Honestly, pictures and autographs need to be taken on an individual basis since there are dozens of ways that people will attempt to ask for either one. What’s important though is that there is always a reason behind wanting to get such things from a celebrity. So long as the person in question doesn’t mind the attention then there’s no issue. Starr however seems to be of the mind that taking a picture should be for personal reasons, and he has a good point. Instagramming your picture with a celebrity or just sending it out on any number of social media sites seems a bit pompous, but then it’s hard to control what people do on their own time.

Aside from that, Starr’s own opinions about being famous are his own and can be respected. He seems to be of the mind that he would rather people not come up to him and ask for a picture, and that’s his thing. He doesn’t mind the recognition, nor does he mind the support obviously since the fans are the ones that have helped to make him as popular as he is now. But in some ways his words seem a little less than grateful when it comes to the fans. Seriously, if all he wants to do is forego the fame, then he just needs to step away and give it a couple of months. There’s really nothing to say that he’ll do this, as the fame is at this point something that a lot of stars can’t do without. The one bit of advice that anyone would likely give him is to be grateful for where he’s at. If he can do that then he’s already ahead of the game.

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