Jane Fonda Reveals Why She Never Thought She’d Reach 30

It is hard to believe, but Jane Fonda turned 80-years-old on December 21. Over the decades, Fonda has given us some memorable moments and some moments that many who are still alive might want to forget, but no matter what she gave her all. While you are still attempting to wrap your head around the fact that Fonda has turned 80, insert the fact that she once believed that she would never reach the age of thirty and her 80th birthday seems even more remarkable.

During a recent interview with People magazine, Fonda revealed that during her early years she had fears and concerns that she would not reach the age of 30. These fears were associated with her belief that she would become an addict, and to further exacerbate her fears, she also believed that she would die alone with no one at her side.

According to a statement made by the Hollywood icon, until she actually reached the age of 30, she never pictured its possibility and what type of life would await her beyond her 30th birthday. For Fonda, the idea of still being alive at the age of 80, still working, and being vibrant and alive was not a part of her perceived destiny, at least not from where she was standing. The fact that she is alive and well this late in the game is cause for her to be extremely grateful and she has no problem revealing that level of gratitude that can be seen in her smile and felt in the vibrations that set the tone of her voice.

During the interview, Fonda also admitted that her adolescent years were no picnic. While most people would believe that growing up the daughter of a Hollywood legend and a prominent socialite would be awesome, like so many others who have followed her, Fonda says the pressures and the unrelenting exposure took its toll on her. This may be what some refer to as her rebellious years. The truth is Jane Fonda has always danced to the beat of a different drum, and sometimes that made other people uncomfortable. In this world, when you make people uncomfortable, they strike out at you.

While many of us are not old enough to remember this, Jane and her famous sibling, Peter, lost their mother to an apparent suicide. She struggled with mental illness for years and she finally succumbs to depression and the suicidal ideations that often accompany it. Oddly, after the death of her mother, Fonda stepped out of her shell of insecurity and embraced her love for acting, and she has been working ever since. She is still working on the Netflix original Grace and Frankie.

Fonda said that her greatest regret in life is that she did not spend more time with her children. She has made her regrets known to her children and apologized for her absences. Without hesitating when asked what her proudest moment in her life was, she said, proudly, accepting her father’s Oscar for On Golden Pond. Henry Fonda passed away shortly after shooting the film and Jane accepted the honor on his behalf.

She also admitted that she said that she is proud of the self-improvements that she has made over the years. Well, here’s to many more years of Fonda gracing us with her presence.

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