10 Things You Didn’t Know about Seema Sadekar

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Seema Sadekar

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Seema Sadekar

If you don’t know much about Seema Sadekar, it’s time to change that. She’s the Golf Fashionista, which makes golf that much more fun. Let’s be honest; golf can be fun for those of us who like to be active and who enjoy hitting the ball, but it can also be a bit tedious when it’s so serious you can’t enjoy yourself (we’re talking cocktails in the golf cart kind of enjoyment here). It’s also more fun when you have a killer ensemble to wear on the golf course. Seema Sadekar is a woman who takes golf fashion to a brand-new level of posh, and we are here for it. Let’s find out some more about her and what she’s doing.

1. She’s a Great Golfer

It’s easy to see her and imagine that she’s a ‘golfs for fun’ kind of gal based on her apparel and her obvious desire to look good on the golf course, but this is simply not true. It’s our opinion that there is nothing wrong with looking fabulous while playing sports, and we support her desire to do just that. She might be a fashionista, but she’s a pro golfer – like, literally.

2. She’s Canadian

She was born and raised in Canada. Her parents came from India as immigrants, and they raised their daughter in the country that is often called the ‘nicest’ in the world. Maybe we Floridians are the only ones who hear that Canada is filled with the world’s nicest people, but either way; everyone loves Canadians. They’re so kind.

3. She Earned a Full Golf Scholarship

Remember when we mentioned she looks killer on the golf course while also playing a killer game? Well, she’s so good that she was able to get a full scholarship to the University of Nevada Las Vegas to play golf. It’s one of the most important and prestigious golf programs in America. She earned this while attending high school in Florida at IMG Academics. Canada is not the best country to play golf year-round to help your game, you know. Florida, on the other hand, has a golf course on every corner.

4. She Played for the LPGA

Following her college career on the course, she played for the LPGA among other leagues. She won a lot of tours, she qualified for many more, and she spent years focusing primarily on the game. The competition was not a walk in the park, and she had to put in the hours to maintain her skill, improve her game, and win.

5. She’s a Designer

Five years of competition was a lot, and it also inspired Seema to venture into the world of fashion. She wanted to design golf apparel that was more fun, more fabulous, and more deliberately styled. She’s a believer in self-confidence and self-worth, and she understands how wardrobe helps a man/woman achieve a different level of that type of confidence.

6. She’s Taken Golf to a New Level

We imagine there are some very old-fashioned people in the world who are horrified by her desire to change the game as much as she does, but we straight up love everything she’s doing. We adore her ability to break the mold and make golf fashionable. Her website is filled with tips to help you use your driver to hit more fairways, to improve your game, and which beauty products you need to keep in your golf bag. She’s made this so amazing that I’m about to make a few calls and personally ask all of our friends/family to take a minute to hear my own, “I told you so,” statement for all the years they laughed at my beauty bag in my golf bag and my golf fashion choices. It’s going to be liberating.

7. She Dated a Famous Man

So, this is a long story that we will try to make short (keyword try). Seema dated a former NFL player whose name is Dale Moss. Dale Moss and Seema did not work out. He went and applied to be part of the “Bachelorette,” in 2020 when Clare Crawley was the woman of the hour. She actually bailed on filming less than two weeks into her quest to find love because she had to be honest and tell the rest of the men that she knew the moment she met Dale that she met her husband. While we are very happy for this lovely new couple, we have to point out that everyone in the sports world and in their lives was shocked when this couple broke up. Seema and Dale were together many years, and everyone thought they were the happiest couple in the world. When they ended their relationship, everyone was shocked.

8. She and Her Ex Never Addressed Their Breakup

What’s even more amazing is that both she and her ex have made the decision to remain private about the end of things for them, and we fully support that. It’s not anyone’s business but their own why things did not work out, and we have a tremendous amount of respect for them and their desire to maintain that privacy with one another for themselves.

9. She’s a VP

Every little girl wants to grow up and be the VP of her own company, and Seema made it happen. She and her sister, Nisha, own a company called Play Golf Designs, Inc. She and her sister both play golf, but they admit that it was always hard to find their identity within the game because of their love of fashion and sports, which are stereotypically not two things that go together.

10. She’s Private

If you want to know anything about her personal life, good luck to you. We respect and admire her desire to remain private about her personal life and to keep things to herself. More people should try a bit harder to keep their private lives to themselves.

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