Martin Sheen Says He’s Up for a West Wing Reboot

Martin Sheen has expressed a desire to come on board for a reboot of the West Wing, a program that a lot of people have managed to get behind since its inception. He might not be the president upon his return to the show as the creator seems to want This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown to fill that role. But chances are good that he would still be more than welcome back to the show, as he played a very pivotal role after all as President Bartlet. There’s no doubt that people would want to see him come back in an advisory role at the very least in order to give some closure to the show if it did happen to be a final run. At this point nothing is set in stone and really nothing has been decided upon, but fans are more than ready for a resurgence of the show and a White House staff they can cheer for once again.

That was after all one of the biggest draws of the show really, as people want to believe that the leaders of their nation are those that can be trusted and have their best interests in mind when it comes to what they’ll do in regards to the country. It’s easier to trust someone that backs up their words with actions, even if it’s a fictional show that will end once the credits start to roll. It’s still a pleasant enough fiction that it makes a lot of people forget about what’s going on in the White House as of now, and why they feel so unnerved when the current POTUS opens his mouth. It’s kind of horrible to think that the leader of the United States is the type of speaker that makes people tense or cringe when he decides to talk, as half the time his words seem capable of summoning the type of ill luck that this country has already seen bestowed by its less than inept leaders in the past.

No one wants to think that the leader of the US could possibly be topped by a TV show depicting a fictionalized president whose policies will never be fulfilled and whose actions are the stuff of fantasy, but that seems to be the case. It doesn’t say much for the current presidency if people would rather watch a fictional version than the real thing. If a fake president’s address is able to draw a more hopeful crowd than the real president’s then there are definitely problems. Also, those on the POTUS’s staff comparing themselves to people on the show hasn’t won them any friends either, as those that have done this are far and away nowhere near as memorable. In many ways the West Wing is something that people wish the real White House was like.

If the show does come back you know that people will be jumping out of their seat to watch it, and Martin Sheen wants back in.

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