Mark Hamill Trolls Tik Tok Troll With His Own Hilarious Trolling

Mark Hamill Trolls Tik Tok Troll With His Own Hilarious Trolling

Mark Hamill Trolls Tik Tok Troll With His Own Hilarious Trolling

Sometimes fans say things in the heat of the moment without really thinking, and then sometimes they’re kidding and don’t get a chance to say so until they’ve already earned a response from those that they’ve been trolling. That was the case for one TikTok user that went online to post how it’s vastly unfair that those that have been using the app for a while have to scratch and scrape to get the followers they have, while an actor from some old movie can get on TikTok and have millions of views and a massive number of followers in a very short time. Well, it does sound a little unfair, at least until one realizes that the actor in question helped to create one of the biggest movie franchises in history and, despite his lack of success for a long time after, remained as one of the most popular faces in the world. The fact that anyone would even try to troll Mark Hamill is kind of ludicrous, to be honest since the guy has been a famous name for quite a while. His career did drop off a bit in the years following the original Star Wars trilogy, but he never went away entirely and has been a steady presence in show business for decades now, especially since he’s done more than just Star Wars. It was made apparent rather quickly that Hamill hasn’t lost his sense of style either when he came on TikTok and gave a response to the trolling that was absolutely perfect as he was composed and even a bit witty in his reply. Let no one ever say that Master Skywalker wasn’t able to clap back at those that want to at least attempt to ridicule him.

But as it was mentioned, the fan that created the post was kidding around since he’s a huge fan of Mark Hamill, and he did manage to get hold of the actor as well, which is all well and good. The unfortunate part is that there are such people that are known as internet trolls who take pleasure in calling out anyone and everyone that they disagree with or dislike. These individuals come from all walks of life and, while a lot of us do post material either for or against celebrities or people of note, trolls tend to take things a bit too far and insult folks without any intention of playing it off as a joke or a parody. The problem with being an internet troll is that anyone can be labeled as a troll for just about anything they say. But when going after someone like Mark Hamill it’s best to realize that Mark, like many other celebrities, has earned the views and followers that appear almost as though by magic. There are plenty of accounts out there that are named after famous celebrities, but until it’s confirmed, usually by the celebrity, that an account is theirs or not, people might as well be sending their comments into the void since a lot of actors don’t even monitor the accounts that are set up in their name. Plenty of them do monitor their own social media traffic from time to time, but if anyone is thinking that the average celebrity is hunched over their phone or seated at their laptop or PC poring over fan messages trying not to get their feelings squashed, then they’re beyond gullible.

But in this instance, it sounds like it was all in good fun and the trolling of Mark Hamill was more or less a parody. Had it been serious it’s fair to say that this TikTok user would have been fielding a vast number of messages asking him if he’d ever heard of that old movie, Star Wars, or if he’d ever learned the name Mark Hamill throughout his years of being a fanboy. It’s fair to say that people are ruthless on social media and don’t tend to let up once they have something to gnaw on, metaphorically speaking. But obviously Mark is up to the challenge and is going to respond when he feels the need with as much poise and wit as he can. The former Jedi Master is the kind of guy that does have a sense of humor and is able to restrain himself from blasting someone in a way that might be seen as unrestrained and not helpful. It doesn’t take much effort to be civil, even to internet trolls that are all about riling people up and getting the type of reaction that satisfies them. When that happens though, if it happens, it’s usually best to remember to just breathe, keep your calm, and turn on the charm and wit while dialing down the scathing rebuke that might come to mind first.

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