10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa Arce

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alyssa Arce

It didn’t take any scraping the bottom of the barrel to find Alyssa Arce as she’s been on top of her game when it comes to her career. What she’s doing now is anyone’s guess aside from modeling, which is something she’s been seen to be quite good at. But quite honestly she’s earned her fame by dint of being a rather attractive woman and being very positive about her own body. Posing for Playboy has brought her accolades as well as derision in fairly equal measures since it’s obvious that some people will see the beauty in it while others will only see the degradation of her exposing herself to millions of people that just want her for her body.

However a person looks at it she’s been doing her own thing and staying positive about it for a while now so quite honestly any hate that’s thrown her way is easy enough to deflect as she moves on with her own life. That kind of positive thinking is inspiring really, even if some folks don’t really agree with nude modeling. What’s amusing is that she probably makes more than a lot of her haters. Here are a few things that you might not have known about Alyssa.

10. She’s always been comfortable with her body.

There’s no lack of confidence in this woman that can be found, as she’s been fully aware of who she is and what she wants since she was very young. The idea that anyone could possibly shame her is kind of funny since any criticism seems to roll off of her easier than water off a ducks back.

9. Alyssa started modeling in her teenage years.

She was never really the athletic type but she knew how to keep herself in shape and she was one of those individuals that loved to pose for the camera. When it came time to take her clothes off she didn’t rush to do it but she didn’t hesitate either.

8. She’s a self-admitted tomboy.

Men have a certain type no matter what it is, and while some like the girly-girls that are into looking good and keeping up with their social lives some like the girls that will hop on an ATV or a dirt bike and get dirty with them. Honestly there’s nothing quite like a woman that will get down and dirty and enjoy herself while having a good time outdoors or just doing things that some women find beneath them.

7. Part of her personality centers around being kind of witty.

She is the kind of person that likes to fire back with witticisms now and again and could be taken the wrong way by those that either aren’t that witty or can’t appreciate it. Life is too short to be dull and not have fun, so she’s fully into the act of throwing a few verbal jabs here and there in a friendly manner.

6. She was Playmate of the Month in July 2013.

Too many people take a dim view of nude magazines since quite honestly the women in them seem to be parading themselves around in the buff to a bunch of sexually stimulated men that have no respect for them. But unlike a lot of the other magazines Playboy does have some type of decorum and has more than just the images of women to look at. But honestly, it’s a lot about the women for many men, they can say they like reading the articles all they want.

5. Alyssa was a cheerleader in high school.

She was a little athletic at least since cheerleaders can’t just get by with a pretty smile and a few hip shakes anymore. If you’ve ever seen cheerleaders work out then you know that they’re run through a gamut of training exercises that increase their agility, strength, and endurance.

4. She’s been seen with Justin Bieber.

Honestly a lot of people are still kind of fed up with Bieber since the guy hasn’t been helping his own case in a lot of ways when it comes to how he treats his fans. But when it comes down to the women he hangs out with you won’t ever see him with a woman that’s anything less than gorgeous.

3. There was a bit of controversy about her and Bieber when he was still thought to be with Selena Gomez.

This controversy came up and then went away on its own as it didn’t have enough steam to really gain any ground. Other than this there really hasn’t been any other controversy that she can be attached to.

2. She’s been shamed by some and loved by others.

The shame that some try to heap on her is kind of pathetic since there’s untold thousands of women that pose for magazines that are a lot raunchier than Playboy and most of them never get mentioned. The love on the other hand can be appreciation to something that’s kind of perverted, but it’s enough to say that people appreciate her work.

1. Alyssa claims to be a down to earth person.

By her own admission Alyssa is someone that likes to just hang out, have a good time, and not invite a lot of drama into her life. That seems like a great way to go.

She’s made her life and she lives it without apology. You’ve got to respect that.

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