10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alexandre Aja

Honestly it’s not hard to think that a director would go without being known for a while but when they finally start doing something that’s worth noticing and attracts the attention of a lot of people you can imagine that a lot of people, not just the diehard fans that will research every last bit of a movie, will seek out the person responsible for it. Alexandre Aja is a name that many people are starting to get to know since his work has been noted in a way that is the desire of just about every director since it tends to validate what they’ve done and what they continue to do. Aja has taken on some seriously big and impressive projects that have come out in a way that he admits might not be popular in Europe but are insanely popular in the states since the desire to see the gore fests that he’s directed is quite high.

Here are a few things about Alexandre you might not have known.

10. He chose his own surname from his initials.

It’s interesting when a person changes their name around since it makes you wonder why and just what was going through their head when they did it. For some it’s a matter of becoming better known since their given name might not inspire a lot of people. But for others it might just be a way to be unique and individual.

9. His father was a director and his mother was a French film critic.

It’s very likely that this is what helped to spark his interest in the business since being exposed to so much in his younger years could have made a huge impression on him. Some kids go a completely different way than their parents, but others tend to want to follow in their footsteps.

8. He’s part of what’s known as the Splat Pack.

This is basically a group of directors that have become known for making excessively violent and gory movies that are noted for being some of the bloodiest films ever made. Quite honestly if you take a group that includes Aja, Eli Roth, James Wan, Rob Zombie, and several others you simply know that you’re going to be looking at buckets of blood being splashed liberally across the set.

7. Alexandre spends a lot of time watching movies.

You might not be too surprised since in order to know what he’s doing and really get into the job he likely wants to know just what the competition is and what he might be up against. Some might say this is a bit nuts since it seems that he might spend a lot of time researching and not enough time enjoying his life, but that’s part of the job of course, and he does it well.

6. He acted in his father’s films when he was very young.

This could have been another bit of inspiration that helped him along his course. It’s likely that his father saw something in him or perhaps simply needed an extra to act for him, but it’s also apparent that it sparked something in his mind that led him to where he is now.

5. Wes Craven asked him to remake the movie The Hills Have Eyes.

When someone like Wes Craven actually asks you to redo one of his movies that’s a huge moment in a person’s career that can’t be ignored. And while Aja’s attempt wasn’t entirely liked by a lot of people it was absolutely brutal in its delivery and even made those making it cringe just a bit since it was so disturbing.

4. Apparently Crawl was supposed to have a much darker ending.

William Bibbiani of Bloody Disgusting states that Aja admitted that the ending to the newest crocodile movie, Crawl, could have ended on a much bleaker note since the crocodile was at one point supposed to simply eliminate the last three survivors. Oops, spoiler.

3. There’s a rumor going about that he might be selected to create A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

Josh Millican of Dread Central is of the mind that not only is New Line Cinema going to bring back A Nightmare on Elm Street, but that Aja might be the guy to finally deliver it with the kind of force that it really needs. He could be right.

2. His net worth is around $3 million.

It’s amazing to think that a director, who actually has to take in and oversee just about every aspect of a movie, isn’t worth as much as the actors, but at the same time his name is still gaining the kind of popularity that some directors have.

1. He’s currently in his 40s.

Aja isn’t a young man, but he still has plenty of time to boost his career and make his career really blossom.

If it’s gory it could be Aja.Eli Roth

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