Margaret Atwood Discusses How Donald Trump Helped ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Margaret Atwood, the writer behind The Handmaid’s Tale, doesn’t so much state that Trump helped the story, but more or less states that if Hillary would have won the election that the story would be a lot different and possibly impact the viewers in a different manner. It’s true about a lot of things really since there’s no telling now just how the landscape of the world would look had Clinton taken the election instead of Trump. Many people seem to think that the world would be a different place and that life as we know it would be radically changed, but Atwood’s take on it is something that those of us tired of listening to either side might agree with,.

The world would still be the world. Every last thing that human beings have brought to this world is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever and things change all the time as anyone who’s been around for a little while can see. Trump being in office is a disaster to some and a blessing to others, and to those who just want the country to keep running a it should it’s something that is becoming tiresome largely because neither side will stop tearing at each other. As far as The Handmaid’s Tale goes the story seems to favor a heavier look at what life might be like under Trump as the years go on. The loss of freedom for women, the dystopian feel of a nation that has lost its way and yet gone back to a misogynistic time that no one really misses, and the idea that it could all possibly happen tend to make some people think that life under Trump could lead to the ruination of America in the next two to three years.

If America is ruined it’s because the fighting among its own citizens will not stop. People are different, this is an immutable fact that has never been fully accepted no matter how much we’ve tried. People will fight over their differences rather than see a different way. They will war over their beliefs, their ideas, and anything that could possibly be found to start a conflict, even if it’s started out of sheer boredom. If Trump has helped The Handmaid’s Tale at all it is to show what could possibly happen if we slip back into a time when men ruled everything and women were treated as little more than accessories that men towed around. As much as he might deny it and as much his followers might cry foul to all those that would claim otherwise Trump seems to be the type that would definitely fit into this fictional world. Those might seem like hard and inflammatory words but given that the current POTUS is a man that knows the blunt and very forward meaning of inflammatory it seems to even the scales more than anything.

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about living in a place like Gilead. At least not at the moment.

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