10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maia Estianty

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maia Estianty

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maia Estianty

If you don’t know the name Maia Estianty, it’s all right. She’s also known as Maia Ahmad, and she is a famous musician from Indonesia. She produces, sings, writes, acts, runs a business, and she even stars on television in various roles. She’s one of the most famous women in the world, and her history is fascinating. Her beauty and talent are obvious, but many of her fans may be shocked to find out that her life was not always easy, that she did not always thrive, and that she went through many of the same struggles growing up as the rest of the world. Here’s everything you did not know about this outstanding talent.

1. She Was Born in the 70s

She was born in a much different time. Maia Estianty was born on January 27, 1976. She celebrated her 45th birthday in 2021, and her life is in a much different place now than it was when she was younger. She’s been married for three years to her second husband after a long and nasty divorce with her first, and she’s living a much simpler life now.

2. She is from Indonesia

She was born and raised in Indonesia, which is also where she grew famous as a singer. She was born in a place called Surababya, and she grew up there. She attended school there, met her first husband there, and she learned to love music there.

3. She Comes from a Large Family

Estianty was born into a large family. Her mother and father had many children, and she was the fifth child out of six. She grew up with a lot of siblings to play with, argue with, fight with, and have fun with – something we imagined changed minute by minute with so many different personalities.

4. She Did Not Get Along with Her Classmates Growing Up

She was an excellent student in school. Her grades were great, but her ability to get along well with her classmates was not impressive. She recalls fighting often with classmates, and her fights were not always verbal. According to Wikipedia, she once hit a child in one of her classes so hard with the object she had in her hand that the child bled from the injury.

5. She Began Studying Music in School

Realizing that getting along with her classmates might not be her thing, she began to pay attention to music. It might be that studying music in school allowed her to find an outlet for her frustrations and upset with her classmates.

6. She Began Modeling

While she was in junior high school, she also found out she has a talent for modeling. She was good enough that she found many offers coming her way, though she was more focused on her music than anything else. It’s a good thing, too, because that’s what ultimately made her famous.

7. She Met Her Husband at a High School Party

His name is Ahmad Dhani, and they met when a friend introduced them at a party. They immediately began to write songs together, play the piano together, and spend all their time together. When they began dating, she began to see her grades drop and suffer, and that caused tension with her family.

8. She Struggled in School After She Began Dating

Not only did her grades drop tremendously, but her relationship with her parents became problematic. Her father was not happy with her grades, and they argued regularly. He wanted to see her do better in school, but her response was to threaten to move out. Her father, not wanting to see this happen, offered to continue to support her if she would go to college. She did, and things improve from there.

9. She Divorced her Husband

They were married for 12 years, but their divorce was more prominent than their marriage. What ultimately led to the end of their union will probably never be known, but Maia accused her husband of abusing her. Her ex-husband refused to give her custody of the kids, and it’s safe to say that their divorce did not include peaceful negotiations and the desire to respectfully co-parent. It was nasty, and it played out heavily in the press back in 2008.

10. She’s a Mom

She and her husband, while they were married, had three sons together. Their sons were put through a lot during their parent’s nasty divorce. Their parents fought over custody, which was initially granted to their father. After a disheartening custody battle in which their mother was unable to easily see her children, a judge finally decided that the boys were old enough to make their own decision about which parent they would live with.

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