Madam Secretary: France gets fancy State Dinner and McCords’ Stalker is finally caught.

Madam Secretary: France gets fancy State Dinner and McCords’ Stalker is finally caught.

Madam Secretary

Tonight’s episode of Madam Secretary is no French Revolution. No heads chopped off; no palaces stormed and most importantly, Elizabeth saves the day like she always does.

The hour began with Henry worried over the abduction of Agent Zaman, the fake archeologist. He and Jose managed to find a blurred image of a license plate belonging to the van that took her. Finally, they figured out that it was French Intelligence that abducted Agent Zaman. It seems like the French don’t take espionage lightly. At least they didn’t harm Agent Zaman in any way. She got to talk to Henry and Jose later in the episode. Whew, international crisis avoided!

When Elizabeth attempted to make breakfast again, I was surprised, to say the least. After what happened back in the first season (if I remember correctly), I thought that the Secretary of State would never go near a stove top again. Though hearing Stevie’s compliment, perhaps there is hope for Elizabeth’s cooking skills after all. Just as long as she follows the recipe.

I loved the part where Nadine sweet-talked the French Minister Dubois and led him over to Elizabeth. Thank goodness for subtitles because though I have taken French in school, I never really learned much of the language. The Secretary tried to convince the Minister to release Agent Zaman, but the French Minister was adamant. Elizabeth then did what she does best and strong-armed the man into complying, which almost led to the cancellation of the State Dinner. Emphasis on the almost. Elizabeth managed to convince Dubois to tell his President that France should stay with NATO if they want to be part of the Five Eyes Coalition.

It’s also great to see the stalker/hacker issue resolved. I almost thought that the stalker would have fled the country when the FBI showed up but breathed a sigh of relief when the FBI arrested the man responsible. Though I have to wonder who gave Molina, the State Department janitor, the half a million dollars to vandalize Elizabeth’s office? Was it the stalker Ron Janeway? Or was it Julius, the man behind the hiring of said stalker, who gave the money to Janeway who then gave it to Molina? The things people will do for money.

Elizabeth was close to quitting her job after seeing the word “Quit” spray painted on the wall, but Henry thankfully talked her out of it. I totally applaud the method that was used to lure the stalker out of hiding. Using his resources against him is utterly brilliant! That and the way President Dalton handled Julius toward the end of the episode when the latter turned the tables (regarding support) on the former. You good, Mr. President, you good!

Meanwhile, Henry and Jose managed to find the place where the remaining Hizb al-Shahid members are. The troops from the U.S teamed up with forces from France and took out the enemy. The stolen antiquities were recovered as well so Dr. McCord, you can sleep easily from now on. The State Dinner, of course, went off without a hitch. I rolled my eyes amusedly when Elizabeth and Henry ditched the dinner early so they can go home. Then again, they deserved it after what they have been through.

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