A Master of None Season 3 is Coming Sooner than Expected

A Master of None Season 3 is Coming Sooner than Expected

A Master of None Season 3 is Coming Sooner than Expected

A person either likes Aziz Ansari or they don’t really think about him. There’s a middle-ground there, but it’s not talked about often for one reason or another when it comes to his sense of humor and his acting skills, but many would point out that his awards appear to make it clear that he’s good at what he does. Now if those awards meant as much to one person as they do to another it might be impressive, but thinking about how award shows are more or less thought to be actors and those in show business congratulating each other regardless of what their fans think, the meaning behind them is kind of lost. Anyway, a third season of Master of None might be what Aziz needs to convince a lot of people that he’s back and has made the necessary life changes that he felt were needed, as he did mention that life changes would have to happen to make a season 3 possible. Whatever those changes were, it’s enough to think that Aziz might have come back for more than just that single reason, since missing out on the possibility of another award or another big payday might have been factors that people aren’t mentioning at this time. A lot of folks want to think that there’s an intrinsic reason that actors will use to come back when they feel the need. It’s not wrong to think this, and it’s very possible that such a thing did happen, but coming back because he wanted to and felt right about it was likely backed up by the paycheck and possibility of keeping his reputation.

It’s too easy to be cynical of celebrities since like it or not they tend to be looked at differently from the rest of the population, as the money they make and the influence they gain often make a lot of people feel as though they’re somehow above the average person. If the truth is told they are in a financial manner, which means that when it comes to influence that they’re above the average individual as well. There have only been a certain number of truly influential individuals in the history of the world that didn’t have the financial means and backing that could allow them to keep their reputation. Those that are paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars have influence that comes from the celebrity status that they’ve gained and the money that has come with it. Many actors still can’t boast this since apart from the money and influence, one also has to have the ability to keep the former two in order to gain the wisdom and respect that can and usually does come with fame and fortune if one knows how to temper their act into something that will last for longer than it takes to laugh at a joke. For a while, it did feel as though Aziz had the fame and the fortune, but in the wisdom department, he was lacking in a big way. It could be that he still is, there’s no way to know unless one sits down with him. But by stepping back just a bit instead of charging forward into season 3 it does feel as though he might have gained a bit of perspective as well as self-respect that, no matter where it comes from, has helped to balance out his act and turn him into a more complete human being.

For a while it felt as though Aziz was good for a few jokes and gags here and there, and that he was all well and good for a younger generation that enjoyed a different type of humor than some of us who grew up in the 80s felt was a bit flat. But it can easily be said that Aziz has matured quite a bit and changed over the course of his career as he’s continued to act and be as funny as he knows how to be, so it’s fair to think that season 3 of Master of None might actually be what’s needed for him to continue to develop into the person he’s been becoming over the years. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea to be certain, but then again, no one’s forcing people to watch it if they don’t want to. Aziz has a pretty big and rather loyal fanbase that will be there to see what comes of this show and what Aziz has to offer. It’s bound to change tone just a bit thanks to the ending of the second season, but it’s also likely that it will incorporate a bit more drama as it goes along, which could be beneficial since it could help the show to continue to mature in a very positive manner.

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