Mackenzie Davis to Star in the New ‘Terminator’ Movie

When the first ‘Terminator’ film was launched it was a massive success. However, as the franchise progressed and more sequels were released, it began to lose some of the initial spark and faced strong criticism. This was particularly the case with ‘Judgement Day’ as this faced the most criticism of all. It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who convinced everyone that a reboot of Terminator was needed. However, the producers have had to work hard to make people believe that this is a movie worth seeing.

One way they have done this is by re-hiring some of the old favorites. For example, Linda Hamilton is reprising the role of the iconic Sarah Connor in the movies as this will add an element of nostalgia for those who are already fans of the Terminator franchise. James Cameron is also on board to rectify any issues in the old storyline and give it an extra boost that will appeal to the modern audience.

There is also some new blood in the reboot. At the helm of the movie is director Tim Miller who is best-known as the director of ‘Deadpool’. It has been reported that Miller and Cameron have collaborated closely in creating the overall content of the movie. Schwarzenegger explained that the rules of the timeline have been removed from this film, and this has given Miller and Cameron a bit more freedom to start from scratch with this movie.

It has also allowed them to introduce some new faces into the film and it has now been announced that Mackenzie Davis will star in the reboot. This actress is best-known for her roles in ‘Blade Runner 2049′, ‘Catch Fire’, and ‘Halt’. According to The Hollywood Reporter, her character in the Terminator reboot is a human soldier-assassin on a mission. However, she will not be the only lead in the movie as there are rumors that the producers want a Latina actress to play the protagonist.

So far, their search has been a failure. This seems strange as there are many prominent Latina actresses at the height of their career at the moment who would be perfect for such a role. Some examples of ideal actresses are Gina Rodriguez and Zoe Saldana. It is possible that they want a less prominent actress, but there are plenty of these to choose between. Eiza Gonzalez, who starred in ‘From Dusk till Dawn: The Series’ and ‘Baby Driver’, is one potential option. Another great choice would be Becky G, who starred in the ‘Power Rangers’ reboot of 2017.

This reboot is the perfect next step in the career of Mackenzie Davis, providing that the Cameron and Miller do the film justice. She has played a wide range of supporting roles in both film and television and has recently made the leap into lead roles. She has demonstrated her versatility as an actress playing a range of roles of characters with diverse personalities. For these roles, she has received glowing reviews.

Although Mackenzie Davis is relatively unknown, she has the ability to command the screen regardless of the role. Knowing that she is attached to the ‘Terminator’ reboot will give many moviegoers the confidence and optimism that the reboot is a film worthy of watching.

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