Lucifer’s Family Reunion: A Heavenly Battle on Earth


A Not-So-Typical Family Reunion

This week’s episode of Lucifer brings a family reunion like no other. Uriel (guest star Michael Imperioli), the greeter at the Pearly Gates, descends to Earth with a mission. As the Messenger of God, he’s here to ensure Lucifer holds up his end of the bargain and sends their Mother back to Hell. It appears everyone wants the Goddess of all Creation back where she belongs.

Uriel’s Unexpected Move

The episode kicks off with Uriel orchestrating a car accident involving Detective Decker. I didn’t see that coming, and I’m relieved the detective is alright and not back in the hospital like in the series’ first episode. However, it wouldn’t make sense for a main character to die in the second season of a new series. I just hope the show doesn’t pull a Sleepy Hollow on her, if you catch my drift.

A Murder and a Budding Bromance

The murder of Wesley Cabot, a famous action star of a movie franchise, brings Lucifer and Detective Douche together as fans. It’s amusing to see these two bond over a film franchise, even finishing each other’s sentences when quoting lines from their favorite movie. Lucifer’s attempt to create a catchphrase for himself is equally entertaining, though I doubt “welcome to Devil Time” will catch on. Or maybe it will, who knows? I couldn’t help but face-palm when Lucifer wanted to take a selfie with Wesley’s body for his Instagram. Oh, your Father, Lucifer. Not cool!

Decker’s New Home and Maze’s Unwanted Gift

Detective Decker moves into Lily’s apartment, the killer from the previous episode. It seems she took Lucifer’s suggestion after all. Good for her. However, she might need to have a chat with Maze about the box of assorted sex toys she brought with her. Mazikeen, I understand you’re a fan of the sins of the flesh, but there’s a child present!

Lucifer’s Protective Side

I hoped Lucifer would confess his feelings for Detective Decker when she asked why he’s so concerned about her well-being. It seems we’ll have to wait for a better moment. Nevertheless, it was heartwarming to see Lucifer being so protective of the detective throughout the episode. #GuardianDevil.

Amenadiel’s Power Struggle

Amenadiel finally admits he’s lost his powers. The archangel tries to send Uriel back to Heaven by scaring him, but it doesn’t work. Uriel sees through Amenadiel’s bluff and beats him up. I have to side with Uriel on this one; Amenadiel does tend to talk a lot. You’re a man of action, Amenadiel, act like it! Tell Maze how you feel about her, and maybe your Dad will give you your powers back. Or you could take your Mother back to Hell before she makes her way back to Heaven and destroys your Father.

The Epic Showdown

The big fight scene towards the end of the episode is a highlight! Lucifer battles Uriel in an abandoned church, which is both symbolic and ironic. Uriel’s an angel of Heaven, while Lucifer is a Fallen Angel/Ruler of Hell. I half expected Lucifer to defeat Uriel, but as usual, Maze arrives to save him. I thought Uriel was done for with Maze’s arrival, but I was wrong. When Uriel revealed Azrael’s Blade, aka the Golden Sword, my eyes widened. It turns out Uriel wants to erase their Mother from existence. Lucifer couldn’t let that happen, so he stabbed his brother with the blade when Uriel turned around.

A Devil’s Heartbreak

My heart went out to the Devil as he realized he had killed his little brother. However, if he hadn’t, both the detective and his Mother would die. Uriel’s death was inevitable. I hope the Big Man upstairs won’t be too upset about it. I never thought I’d see the day when the Devil himself would break down in tears over the death of one of his brothers and pray in a church. Perhaps he still loves his family, no matter how much they get on his nerves. Kind of like me.

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