Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power: Adar-Recap

Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power: Adar-Recap
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Sometimes it takes a little bit for a series to get going, but the Rings of Power on Amazon Prime started with an interesting premise and have only become better with each week. This week flows seamlessly from the second as Galadriel and Halbrand are picked up by none other than Isildur’s father, Elendil. Not only that but the pair are taken to Numenor, which is notorious, it would appear for wishing to see a single elf tread upon their home. What makes this awkward is the fact that Numenor was raised by the Valar to thank the humans who fought against Morgoth, as the story goes. The fact that Galadriel knows of this is both saddening and frustrating since her immortality makes it easy to state that she’s seen far more than those in Numenor could ever understand and stands to see far more than even their ancestors might in the years to come. One thing that is being pushed in this series thus far is that immortality does have an unfortunate side effect of splitting the races, no matter how they might try to work together. 

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Galadriel and Halbrand are an odd pair, but there is something more to Halbrand that needs to be developed. 

Discovering that Halbrand has a troubled past that he’s running from and one that contains a great responsibility gives a lot of people the thought that he might be one of the nine that will rise to prominence at some point in the story. The violence he’s capable of delivering to others is only a minor indication of what he can do, and given that he’s also far more of a thief than a troubled warrior, it stands to reason that his heart might be the type that could be corrupted at some point in the future. As for Galadriel, her way forward feels troubled, but the sheer joy of a good ride with Ellindil across the grassy plain on her way to gain the knowledge she desires is kind of uplifting since it shows that her story is not completely fraught with tragedy and/or disappointment. 

The Harfoot story brings back memories of the Shire. 

So far, the general feeling is that these early folk that would one day become the hobbits that fans already know of are peaceful enough and practical enough, but they also have the feel of people that are bound to leave their own behind rather than risk the entirety of their clan. That might sound a little harsh, but there’s also the feeling that if the lot of them are forced to help the least among them, their clan might be wiped out since the truth is that they’re more of an afterthought to the other races, and as victims to at least a few. But the stranger that has come to them, and is now known to the clan, is still too many people, an early and confused version of Gandalf, even if there’s not much possibility of this being the case. One thing about the Harfoot clan is that they are optimistic but also realistic in their goals. It’s going to be interesting to see how things develop. 

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The landscapes shown in this episode are insanely impressive. 

Seeing how Numenor rolls out on the screen is all kinds of impressive since the city is immense despite being situated upon an island. Seeing how much detail has been placed into this city, along with the surrounding landscape, is enough to feel that this series is being given the utmost attention to please the fans and to detail the story in a way that will make it worthy of the franchise. From the simplest to the grandest setting, it’s fair to state that the Rings of Power is a show that has managed to go to great lengths to keep the fans happy and make them well aware of the scope of Middle Earth and what is on the line when it comes to the war that Sauron will eventually initiate, as what stands to be lost is already being shown in various parts of the series. 

The anticipation of the war to come is being built bit by bit, and it’s going to be epic. 

Many fans can already see what is coming no doubt, but seeing it unfold week by week has, thus far, been seriously interesting and intriguing since each piece that’s allowed to find its place in the grand scheme of things will no doubt be a joy to watch. Galadriel, Arondir, Poppy, and many others have already taken the focus of this story, and there will no doubt be more to come that will join this tale in a meaningful way. 

As for Adar, finding out more about this shady character will hopefully come next week. 

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