CSI: Miami 8.14 “In the Wind” Review

Finally, an episode that answered some questions that have been brought up during the course of this season. Natalia’s hearing issue has been addressed, we got some insight as to where Calleigh and Eric’s relationship is headed, we see Jesse is up to his old tricks and even a surprise visit from Kyle. All of these will be addressed shortly but first let’s talk about the case.

Dr. James Bradstone (The Dead Zone’s Anthony Michael Hall) is sitting on death row for killing his wife and his five year old daughter and leaving his seven year old son for dead back in 1995. He is about to be taken away until he is given a last minute reprieve by the governor. New information has surfaced about his case. Horatio and his team are given 24 hours to find out if the testimony from their main witness is true.

She claims that she saw Dr. Bradstone stab his wife Sarah from her kitchen, which could have been impossible because a tree was blocking her view. She claims that she was coerced into stating that she witnessed the killing from her living room by the assistant state’s attorney and a young Officer Jesse Cardoza.

After re-interviewing the witness Louise Russo, Eric discovers that the written statement differs from what he has been told. Mrs. Russo claims that she trusted Jesse’s word, he wouldn’t have let her make such a mistake. Now I have been looking forward all season to Jesse and Eric bumping heads. We all know that Eric had a really hard time trusting people (should we go back to season 3 and 4 when Ryan was still a newbie). Eric trusts his gut when something is off about a person; I believe that he feels Jesse bent the rules while Jesse feels that he made the right choice. After Jesse and Eric go back to talk to Mrs. Russo about what she saw she his hit in the middle of the street by a car. Eric, Frank and the rest of the MDPD give chase. The man who hit Mrs. Russo claims it was an accident but Frank finds a map and gold bars in his glove box. This was no accident. Now I just have one thing to say, is everyone in Miami running around with gold bars in their cars and if so how do I get in on the action?

Horatio interviews a now grown Todd Bradstone about the night his mother was killed. He claims that he saw someone attacking his mother the night she was murdered. Horatio asks him if he told anyone what he had seen, but he claims that no one would believe his story. The one thing I do appreciate about how David Caruso portray’s Horatio is how he takes an interest in the smallest victims. Yes Todd Bradstone is now an adult but to Horatio no one should ever have to witness such a horrible crime.

Calleigh and Ryan interview Dr. Daniel Newhouse. Turns out that Dr. Bradstone was supplying drugs to a number of customers. He claims that one of his disgruntled customers must have killed his family as revenge for no longer selling drugs. All signs point to Dr. Newhouse being in the house that night. He tells Calleigh that he was there, he and the victim Sarah Bradstone were having an affair. He saw her lying in a pool of blood when he went back to get his wallet yet did nothing. He was more afraid of being caught than he was to help her. First he claimed that it was nothing serious but then tells Calleigh that it was much more than that, they were in love. Sarah Bradstone was going to tell her husband about the affair before she was murdered.

The evidence is overwhelming, Dr. Bradstone killed his wife and daughter in cold blood. As he is being led to the execution room we see him being confronted by his now grown son. He doesn’t deserve to live for what he has done. We see Todd Bradstone taking down all of the newspaper clipping on his father’s cell wall and he pauses to look at a picture of himself as a young child. After all that happened his father did love him, but I guess he had a really twisted way of showing it.

Now on to the issues that were brought up during the episode. We see that Jesse has continued his stalking ways. He is looking at an online article about a man and a woman who are moving to Star Island. I assume this is the man that he told Calleigh killed his wife. He read the article that states that the young woman suspects that she has a stalker. No one believed me when I said Jesse was a stalker, but I digress. I will admit I do look forward to seeing how this will be resolved. I really hope that it is not swept under the rug, but I am not getting my hopes up.

In the beginning of the episode we see Horatio looking worried as he watches reports of 3 military deaths in Afghanistan. We learn at the end of the episode that Kyle has joined the Army. He tells Horatio that he feels that he is making a huge difference there. This pleases his father. We see Horatio go from superhero to worried military parent. I can speak from experience that it is not easy having a family member in the war against terror. Horatio played the part of military dad very well. I look forward to seeing these two reunite.

Natalia’s hearing issue has been brought up once again. As she Walter and Ryan make their way up to the Bradstone house Walter asks Ryan if she got her hearing checked out. Ryan tells him that he told her that she was a liability to which Natalia quickly answers that she can hear them. She shows them her extremely tiny hearing aid and tells the two that she has been cleared for work. What I love about seeing Walter and Ryan together is how much they remind me of two gossiping women. They just have to know everything. I am glad that Natalia’s hearing issue was brought up, but somehow I think this is far from being resolved.

Now on to the biggest unexpected surprise of the night. I wasn’t expecting to see Eric and Calleigh back together so soon, so as a huge fan of their relationship it caught me off guard. We see Eric and Calleigh sharing an intimate moment before they are interrupted by the phone. Someone please tell me why these two can never catch a break. They manage to work very well together throughout the day though Calleigh seemed a little distracted when Eric was in the room (or maybe it was just me reading too much into it). At the end of the episode we see Eric sitting in the locker room getting ready to head out to the gym. Calleigh tells him that they said that it wouldn’t happen again but for some reason it does keep happening. Eric asks her if it’s a bad thing and she laughs it off. He asks her where they are meeting tonight and we him walk away.

Now if you ask me, I think it’s about time that these two make progress on their relationship. They have both worked too hard to let something like this go. I know it’s the fan in me talking but this was a welcomed step in the right direction. Kudos to Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez for pulling off their scenes so well, I absolutely adore the chemistry between them. Now that Ugly Betty has been cancelled part of me wonders if CBS is doing anything to bring him back for next season. I guess this fan’s hope is that he will be coming back, but that could only be me.

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