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With the first season of Andor wrapping up, it’s very likely that fans are now wondering what will come next and how many adventures Andor might be set to go on before the series joins with the Rogue One movie. Given that season two is being projected for 2024, there’s plenty of time to come up with something that could explain how Andor came to be the person he was in the movie and how he came upon the Imperial droid he would use as his most trusted companion. It also stands to reason that at this time, Jyn Erso is somewhere out in the galaxy, making trouble and lacking focus as she was in the movie. Saw will no doubt be doing his own thing and making trouble for the Empire as he does, and the Imperials will be doing everything they can in order to capture Cassian and his fellow rebels. It’s very easy to think that there will be a bit of a time jump that occurs between the seasons, but it could be that things will continue on as they are from the finale. 

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Maarva’s sentiment is an echo felt by many planets that the Empire overtook. 

Thinking that going with the Empire was a way that made sense, that it was the status quo and thereby the best option to go with. Turning a blind eye and getting back to a life that made sense was the best option for a lot of people, especially those who hadn’t been irrevocably damaged by the war between the Republic and the Separatists. But hindsight being what it is, thinking that numerous worlds within the galaxy would lament the day they accepted the Empire’s rule was kind of a big ‘duh’ moment since the moment that the Emperor took over, life didn’t just become unfair as it had been before, it became inevitable that once the Empire learned that one world or one race had any use for it, the exploitation that was to come wouldn’t end until every last resource had been used. Maarva was just one of many that came to realize this too late, but during her funeral march, she had one last chance to rally the people, and it worked. 

Cassian’s story has been a gritty run at this point and will likely remain the same. 

Since the beginning of his story, Cassian has known a great deal about loss, especially since he’s lost his homeworld, his sister, his freedom, and then the only woman that he’s known as a mother for many years. There wasn’t a lot of sugarcoating to this story other than what Disney had to impose to keep it as a family series. But over the years, it’s been seen that Star Wars movies and stories have become a bit grittier when it comes to their details since they have managed to depict the different worlds and species in a way that’s not nearly as PC at times, but is far more realistic when it comes to how they react to one another. Cassian’s story has been interesting thus far because it shows just utterly cruel the Empire really is while also taking note that the rebellion that is rising against them is anything but innocent. 

Andor' Season 1, Episode 12 Recap: 'Rix Road'

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The Imperials don’t feel entirely inept, but they don’t feel unified, either. 

There’s no doubt that Dedra didn’t receive the warmest welcome from her colleagues, and it’s not too surprising unfortunately since she’s kind of a severe character, but this is intelligent and cunning, and that throws off a lot of Imperial men since they have little nothing but disdain for her. She is kind of ruthless individual, but there’s a strong history behind the idea that women of high rank in the Empire need to work so much harder to prove themselves since yes, the Empire is insanely bent on promoting men over women. There have been a handful of strong women in the Empire over the years, but they’re easier to count than their male counterparts. Dedra’s position proves that women can take the lead and be effective, even if they’re going to be looked upon as outliers when it comes to the Empire. 

The franchise could benefit from more stories like this. 

There are plenty of ways to tell stories like this throughout the franchise, especially since there are darker and more realistic ways to talk about every facet of the franchise, from the non-Force users to those who are heavily steeped in the use of the Force. Seeing a Jedi or even a Sith down on their luck and trying to make their way through the galaxy could be a great story, especially if it happened to be set after the Purge or within the same timeline as Andor. There were still plenty of Jedi around the galaxy at the time, but it’s just an idea. 

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