Diving into The Rings of Power: A Seasoned Fan’s Perspective

Diving into The Rings of Power: A Seasoned Fan’s Perspective

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The Rings of Power has made its grand entrance on Amazon Prime, and it’s safe to say that it’s already a thrilling ride filled with exposition and action. While it still has some ground to cover in proving itself as a worthy prequel to Lord of the Rings, it’s currently living up to the hype. Shifting the spotlight to Galadriel is an intriguing move, as she played a crucial yet secondary role in Peter Jackson‘s original trilogy. By centering the story around her and weaving in other characters, the series has successfully captured the audience’s attention as the first two episodes unfold, with more to come in the following weeks.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season Premiere Recap (S01E01)  Shadow of the Past credit: Rings of Power

Racial Tensions Run High in Middle Earth

The strained relationships between the races have always been a significant aspect of the LoTR experience. This dynamic continues in The Rings of Power, as humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings maintain their distance and experience tense encounters. This isn’t surprising, given that the movies highlighted the races’ tendency to keep to themselves, except for matters involving individuals or smaller groups. The series premiere hints at the build-up to the great war initiated by Sauron, as the elves’ journey from Valinor to the other side of the world provides a glimpse of what’s to come.

A Blast from the (Distant) Past

Some viewers may be puzzled by the appearance of familiar characters, but it’s essential to remember that this series takes place millennia before the LoTR movies. As mentioned in The Fellowship of the Ring’s opening narrative, a vast amount of time passed between Sauron’s defeat and the story that Tolkien penned. This prequel delves into the critical events that shaped the world we know, featuring age-old characters like Galadriel, Elrond, and others. By the time the original trilogy came out, they were contemplating their journey to the west. Galadriel’s reluctance to believe that Sauron’s threat was over aligns with the notion that peace is often declared prematurely when evil is merely lying dormant.

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War Looms on the Horizon

As the show begins, it’s evident that Sauron’s influence is still palpable. As Morgoth’s servant, he remains a formidable threat in this story and will continue to be a significant problem in the future. While some elves are aware of the brewing danger, others remain oblivious as orcs and other threats creep into the world, reminding them of the darkness they had foolishly forgotten. Galadriel is among those who sense that the threat isn’t over, which contributes to her character’s greatness. She forgoes her return to Valinor to combat Sauron’s evil, convinced that he hasn’t been vanquished. However, she has yet to return to Middle Earth, as a vast ocean separates her from the duty she holds dear.

A Promising Start for The Rings of Power

While some superfans and diehards may critique the series’ progression, it appears that The Rings of Power is building a narrative that will enrich the franchise and elevate Galadriel to the same level of admiration as Aragorn or Gandalf. So far, she’s one of the series’ highlights, and it’s easy to believe that her character will only continue to shine. The epic war to come promises to be a thrilling addition to the LoTR universe.

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