The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power-A Shadow of the Past- Recap

Fans Have Already Mapped Out The Entire The Rings Of Power Story

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The Rings of Power has arrived on Amazon Prime, and one thing that can be said about it so far is that it’s already a fun tale with a lot of exposition but a great deal of action. The general feeling among the fans could be that it still has some proving to do when it comes to being accepted as a prequel to Lord of the Rings, but at this moment, it does feel as though it’s living up to the hype. Placing Galadriel at the head of this story now is an exciting play since in the initial trilogy Peter Jackson brought to bear, it’s fair to say that she was essential but was not the main focus. Placing this story on her shoulders and using several other characters to tell this tale has thus far kept people willing to follow the tale and see where it leads as Amazon has released the first two episodes with more to come as the weeks pass. 

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season Premiere Recap (S01E01)  Shadow of the Past

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The relationship between the races feels just as strained as ever. 

The division between the races has been a big part of the LoTR experience. This continues to be seen in this series as humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings keep their distance from each other and experience tense relations when they do meet. This isn’t a surprise since the movies made it clear that the races don’t always get along and tend to keep to themselves apart from matters that have to do with individuals or smaller groups. The feeling gained by this series thus far in the premier is that things will be leading up to the great war that Sauron initiated with the races of Middle Earth, as the journey of the elves from Valinor to the other side of the world is detailed enough to give people a good idea of what to expect. 

Just so people are clear, this series takes place millennia before the LoTR movies. 

There are bound to be many people who will question when they see certain characters show up. Still, the truth is that if one recalls the beginning narrative of The Fellowship of the Ring, they’ll remember that a great deal of time passed between the defeat of Sauron and the initial story that Tolkien wrote so long ago. In other words, this story takes place LONG before anything that people know about, and it’s bound to detail some of the more critical matters that helped to shape the world that people already know. Galadriel, Elrond, and several others are far older than people think, and this is why by the time the initial trilogy came out, they were speaking of going to the west. It would appear that Galadriel wasn’t willing to think that the threat of Sauron was over and done with, which kind of holds true with what has already been seen, that many people are happy to state that peace has come when the threat of evil is simply laying low without being truly defeated. 

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The rumblings of war are already being felt as the show starts. 

There’s no way to deny that Sauron’s influence is being felt in a big way as the servant of Morgoth is by and large still a very substantial threat in this story and will be a massive problem in the times to come. The elves know that something is up, or at least several of them do, and while others are oblivious, things continue to happen as orcs. Other threats begin to creep into the world, reminding people of darkness that they were foolish to forget about. Galadriel is one of those who knows deep down that the threat isn’t over yet. It’s straightforward to state that this is part of what makes her so great as a character since she gave up returning to Valinor to come back and combat the evil of Sauron since she was convinced he wasn’t gone. Of course, she has yet to return to Middle Earth, as there’s an entire ocean between her and the duty she clings to. 

So far, things look promising. 

It’s very likely that there will be plenty of superfans and diehards who will comment on how things are not progressing the way they’d like. But so far, it feels that this story is building something that will benefit the franchise and show Galadriel as someone who people can look up to just as much as Aragorn or Gandalf. So far, she’s one of the best parts of this series, and it’s easy to think that she’ll only get better. 

The wear to come is going to be epic. 

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