Julie Chen is All The Marketing Big Brother Needs

Just when you think people might be getting a little more clued in to how things work with TV you get the notion that it’s a quick slip and slide back to the land of unfounded rumor and gossip. The pictures of Julie Chen for Big Brother have spurred a lot of people into thinking about what might be in store for the next season that’s coming up in June. Ryan Gamble of Fansided however seems to be on the level when he states that the photo above is not a recent picture but instead one that was taken for the last season. The fact that it leaves people in such a tizzy when trying to decide if there’s any meaning behind it is kind of amusing really since some folks think the orange shirt means that there would be Trump supporters coming to the show, while the cards in her hand might indicate returning cast members. It’s a picture, plain and simple, and at the very least it did it’s job, it got people talking about the show and what might happen, but honestly one would think that it was trying to stir up a fervor among the fans when in truth the show is just doing what it always does to make people aware that it’s coming back.

Victoria Miller from Inquistr has pointed out that many fans are impressed with the pictures that Julie Chen, or Chenbot as a lot of Big Brother fans know her, has posted showing that she’s still very much in the business of entertaining people and is moving past her husband’s sordid misconduct scandal. In fact the fans have been nothing but supportive and have applauded her for coming back and taking on her role as the host for the BB21 season. In truth it would almost seem as though Julie might see this as a release or a return to normalcy following the scandal since the Big Brother show has been pretty good to her since she came on in 2000. Some folks might not even realize the show has been around that long, but longtime fans have likely appreciated every moment that Julie has been seen on the show and are more than willing to stand in her corner and support her as she continues to be a major part of the show. Honestly though, the fans need to calm down when it comes to making guesses and assumptions in relation to the show since it would seem that they go off the deep end every now and then when it comes down to trying to predict just what’s going to happen.

That’s natural though, as many people might agree the average fan will from time to time take things a little too far and try to guess at what’s coming next in an almost manic way. But when you look at the pictures the one thing you can see is that Julie is by far the most perfect image for the show since she’s the face of the whole thing and is, in the minds of many people, the only one really worth paying attention to despite the whole idea of the program. Some shows take their hosts for granted and only allow them so much time to be seen in favor of focusing on the contestants, and in some ways Big Brother isn’t much different, but in this case Julie has already been seen as the one with the talent and the one that carries the program quite often since her personality and her on screen presence are impressive enough that it’s probably best to keep her out in front where everyone can see and enjoy her.

In terms of the show she’s still one of the most interesting parts since she gets to stay out of whatever drama comes along and is detached from just about everything that the contestants might feel is worth discussing most times. While it’s necessary for her to communicate with the contestants quite often she’s still seen as well removed from the lot of them as per the rules of the show. That’s likely what has made her a lot more popular since she hasn’t had to deal with whatever goes on in the house so often and can keep herself detached enough to be an enjoyable person. That and she is quite an attractive as well as very friendly woman so keeping her as the face is a good idea since the fans happen to like her. The pictures that are posted are a great deal of fun and draw a lot of attention towards the show and tend to reveal just how much support she has when it comes to those that watch.

But really, sometimes a picture is just a picture, there’s no hidden meaning to be found.

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