Watch Bill Gates play “How much does the world suck?”

Bill Gates playing a game called “How much does the world suck?” is kind of interesting since a lot of people already know that he’s an intelligent individual, but this kind of proves that. Just because he’s what a lot of people would consider ‘on another level’ when it comes to intelligence and fortune doesn’t meant that he necessarily ignores anything that goes on in the world. He’s not such a narcissist that he ignores the world at large. He has a good idea what’s going on in the world and there’s a good reason for it. It’s the same reason he’s managed to amass and keep the status and fortune that he has now. He pays attention to the world around him. He knows what’s going on because he keeps tabs on the things that interest him and those things that could possibly affect him and those around him.

Just being rich and famous doesn’t mean that a person actively keep the world at a distance and refuses to pay attention to anything. Living at a level that can be called poverty makes it easy to look up and envy those that have the money and the knowledge of how the world works at their level. Unfortunately it blinds them to the fact that the knowledge of those at Gates’ level are not just smart, they have become wise as well. Their money is a product of their combined knowledge and wisdom and not so much gained at the expense of others, but in service to others. Those who don’t have this kind of life however tend to find it very easy to envy and thereby blame people for being in this position of authority and influence.

Bill Gates happens to know a few things that have to do with all classes, and education happens to be one of them. There is still a very big disparity between boys and girls when it comes to educational opportunities, and much of it still has to do with culture. The number of years spent in school between men and women is an issue that needs to be handled but it is being slowly equalized in many cultures as it becomes evident that both sexes are responsible for the world around us and must be able to learn what is needed to keep the system running and change it as is needed. The world does suck on some accounts simply because of the matters of equality that have yet to be fully realized and fixed. But it is still a wondrous place as things are still in flux and are not yet completely hopeless.

Listening to Gates makes it evident that change is still happening and that optimism is not as useless as some might see it. He’s got a good idea of what the world is all about and what it will take to set things aright. Being an optimist isn’t just knowing how bad the world can be and how bad it’s been, it’s being able to see all of it and find a way to make a change for the better.

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