Little Girl Tells Donald Trump, “You’re a Disgrace to the World” Right on TV

Little Girl Tells Donald Trump, “You’re a Disgrace to the World” Right on TV

If you were hanging out at home yesterday and had a look on the trending stories on Twitter you would have instantly noticed a video that went viral of a little girl meeting the President of the United States.  It shows “Donald Trump” with a really brave young girl who tells him, “You’re a disgrace to the world,” before taking a picture. However, the guy in question isn’t the U.S. president. He’s actually one of the best Trump impersonators around, Anthony Atamanuik, who does an amazing Trump impression on The President Show on Comedy Central.

Many people online were under the impression that the little girl was insulting the President himself.  It’s steal unclear if the little girl, still unidentified, knew if this were the impersonator or the actual President.   Atamanuik tweeted of the incident that it was 100% spontaneous and unplanned.

“I watched her form it in her mind right in front of me,” he wrote. “She should be a new resistance meme!” Atamanuik also called her “brave, funny and smart.”  The clip turned into a new meme and “hero” for the left and those who are still resisting Donald Trump.   I’m quite certainly it’ll make the rounds more than once today.

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