Listen to this Weird Mashup of Journey and Beyoncé

This mashup of Journey and Beyonce isn’t all that weird really, in fact it sounds like something you’d hear in the club as part of the house mix. It’s not a bad mix really but I was hoping to hear Beyonce step in somewhere or rather be inserted. Instead it seems as though the beat to one of Beyonce’s songs, don’t ask me which, was laid over Journey’s song and then the DJ just went at it. That seems almost like false advertising to be honest unless Beyonce’s voice was mashed in there somewhere and was too low to hear. That doesn’t seem likely since she seems to project her voice pretty well into whatever song she’s a part of.

This would be a great song to hear in the club though since it moves well and doesn’t offer up any real dissonance between the lyrics and the music. In fact this might even be seen as a nice slow jam by those who wanted to slow things down just a bit. It could also be used if the DJ wanted to take a break. But really, the lack of Beyonce in this is the only weird part since it’s not entirely nice to say that a mashup is going to be one thing and another thing and then only use the one. Ah well.

I can think of a number of places to put Beyonce’s words into this mix, though I wonder if someone would get sued putting this on YouTube without her express permission. It’s hard to know unless you read the novel-length rules that sites offer for you to peruse these days whether you can do something or not. And people tend to get sue-happy if they catch wind of anyone using their name, likeness, or anything that has to do with them directly without permission. Because you know that the little amount that someone might make off of their fame is a true threat to the fortunes they’ve amassed. I get why they would get angry but a cease and desist order would be just fine in some cases.

Anyway, this track is pretty good. I wonder if the DJ or the creator has used it at all in the past or if, like I mentioned above, they’ve just kept it on personal file until uploading it to the internet. It’s something that could be worked with, tweaked, and made to sound even better than it already does if someone came along that wanted to develop the sound and beef it up just a bit. It would need much really to sound even better, but obviously it couldn’t take too much without suffering a serious overload. A few added bits here and there and it could be a masterpiece that features the best of both sounds that were originally touted in the tile of the article. With permission of course.

I do wonder though if this kind of music is still played in the club or if it would be played just for sake of nostalgia.

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