The Five Best Daughtry Songs of All-Time

Chris Daughtry, the founder of Daughtry, is just more living proof that you don’t have to win American Idol in order to go on to have a stellar music career. In fact he came in fourth during the fifth season and he still went on to form a band that has managed to entertain a wide array of people over the years. He was initially given an opportunity to be the lead singer for the band Fuel, but he turned that down in favor of creating his own band. Some might have thought him a little foolish for doing this since inclusion into an established band would have been a smart move while trying to form his own was an uncertain thing, but Chris made it work and has been keeping it real ever since and can prove it by the awards that the band has won and been nominated for. He made the right choice to go off in his own direction.

Here are some of their greatest songs to date.

5. Home

What does it mean to go home? For some it’s a firm setting in their mind that invokes a sense of comfort, a feeling of warmth and security that they can’t get anywhere else. Home for some people though is a state of mind that allows them to be comfortable pretty much anywhere so long as they’re allowed their peace of mind and the sense that they’re surrounded by those that allow them to be who they really are. Home is an abstract concept in many ways that many people use in a lot of different ways. To some home is where they’re at, while to others it’s a place that has no set place, but a feeling in their heart that is found when they’re allowed to be at ease with themselves.

4. What About Now

The human condition is not perfect as we already know. We try to do for one another as much as we can, we try to keep our own lives secure and moving in the right direction, but a lot of us also try to make sure that others are kept safe, secure, and happy in the same manner. It’s not entirely possible to cover every corner of the world and make everyone happy, this much has been proven throughout the history of humanity. We’re not a perfect species, but what we do in order to help others is what makes us who we are and allows us to finally become the people we want to be. Humanity isn’t perfect, and it isn’t meant to be, but being human to one another is the greatest ideal we can hope for.

3. Over You

Being over someone isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if you tend to spend a good deal of time with that person. Once you share your life with someone it becomes a part of your life that is hard to get back without remembering the time you spent with that individual. Getting over someone is essentially like trying to push a part of your past behind you so that you can move on. You try hard not to remember the good times, to ignore those in favor of focusing on why you left in the first place, but the human mind is a treacherous thing as it reminds you more often than you want that there were good moments among the storm of emotions that led to the break in the first place.

2. Waiting for Superman

It’s not easy to be a good Samaritan, as not everyone appreciates them it would seem in a world where people want to be free to do what they want and those that aren’t trained to help others are often seen as meddlers that should mind their own business. A lot of times it seem that we’ve forgotten what it means to be human, meaning that we forgot somewhere along the line how to say thank you to those that try to help rather than curse them for not minding their own business. And yet when someone helps us it’s a better idea simply say thank you and go on your way, grateful that someone stood up in an effort to be a decent person. Waiting on a savior isn’t the wisest move in life, but being grateful for the one that comes along is the best thank you that can be spoken.

1. It’s Not Over

Second chances in life are hard to find depending on what you did the first time around, especially given that a lot of people aren’t willing to forgive so easily. But the moment you tread the same road that got you in trouble in the first place you tend to end up breaking the trust of those that believed you could change. That kind of trust is rarely ever given again, and once broken twice is almost impossible to get back.

Daughtry is the real deal, no doubts.

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