The Top Uses of “Gimme Shelter” By the Rolling Stones in Movies

The Top Uses of “Gimme Shelter” By the Rolling Stones in Movies

The Top Uses of “Gimme Shelter” By the Rolling Stones in Movies

Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones is just about how it sounds. The world is closing in on you and there’s no place to go, so you need some respite from the impending doom that seems to exist on all sides. This song is featured quite often in movies and TV in hopeless situations that don’t offer a whole lot of promise. As a song it makes you stop and think as you’re listening just what the Stones were onto when they came up with the lyrics for this song. Hearing it from them it had a lot to do with Vietnam War, which was one of the more horrible conflicts that the US has been involved with in its history.

Here are a few clips that made good use of the song.

5. Person of Interest

It’s kind of another team that works outside the law to prevent the criminal actions of those that have been determined will break the law at one point in time. It’s kind of an odd premise but it would make for an interesting show since it’s main characters are a former CIA operative and a billionaire tech wizard that are going after potential criminals.

4. Dexter

Dexter has been on everyone’s lips at some point during the last decade. As TV shows go this was one of the most popular for quite some time and it’s kind of demented to think that this is true. It was after all about a guy that became a serial killer, but would only go after those that are guilty. It’s a weird kind of justice but it seems like the type that might deter criminals if such a legend got out.  Maybe.

3. The Departed

The Departed is like one giant shell game played with the police and the Feds. Knowing who to trust and who not to is hard to understand in this movie since everyone seems to be in on something and no one ever comes completely straight with one another until the very end when things have become so messed up that you kind of need that last little reveal.

2. Casino

It’s kind of strange how things go from good to okay to bad to extremely bad when Joe Pesci’s characters are involved. Nicky is the kind of guy that won’t just light you up, he’ll light you up and then go to work on you and then probably stick your head in a vise just to get an honest answer. He’s the worst sort of tough guy, the one that’s always got something to prove.

1. Goodfellas

The real account of Henry Hill was probably a little bit different than Goodfellas but it seems like a lot of stuff that made it into the movie was pretty true to life. Hill passed away several years ago but he was very candid about the whole thing before he went and admitted that a lot of things that were in the movie were very real.

This song is definitely one of those that gets used when things are about to go wrong.

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