Guy Explains How Every Single Nickelback Song is Written

Have you ever noticed how some bands seem to play the same song over and over again?  There might be a few chord changes and the lyrics are certainly altered but when you listen to it you’re thinking to yourself “haven’t these guys done this exact same song before?”  For example, remember when Bon Jovi did “Blaze of Glory?”  I couldn’t figure out if that or “Wanted Dead or Alive” was the same song or one was the extension of the other.  It happens all the time in music.  Sometimes you take a hit, tweak it a little and just follow the same formula.  It’s tough to come up with 10-20 super original songs for every single album.

Anyway, enough ranting on when bands plagiarizing their own songs.  Let’s talk about one band who is probably more guilty than any other of this practice:  Nickelback.  In fact Nickelback’s so rampant in this arena that by request a Youtuber was given a project by eager fans.  They asked him to break down the process for how Nickelback writes all of their songs.  The video has since gotten over 700K views on Youtube.   Let’s take it to a million!

Check out the video below:

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