10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lil Tay

If ever you find yourself wondering precisely who Lil Tay is, you are not alone. The young internet sensation is not on everyone’s radar despite having a large fanbase – it happens to even the most famous of famous people. She’s around 11 at the moment, and she rose to fame in Canada in 2018 when she decided it would be a great idea to post exceedingly controversial photos of herself on her social media. She appears much more mature than she is – especially when she was only 8 when she was using inappropriate language and posting controversial photos – and the world is not sure what happened to her.

1. She Gained Fame Quickly

This child seems to have gained her fame almost overnight when she posted some photos of herself on social media. Each photo shows her living a very luxe lifestyle. In some, she’s holding stacks of money. In others, she’s posing in front of expensive vehicles.

2. She Has a Real Name

This little girl is obviously not Lil Tay in real life. She has a real name, and she likes to go by that when she is not online. Her real name is Claire Eileen Qi Hope. She goes by Lil Tay online, and for reasons we simply know nothing about.

3. She is Not Afraid to be Inappropriate

For whatever unknown reason, she’s allowed to and okay with screaming obscenities and inappropriate language in her videos and posting them online. She’s been known to shout racial slurs and to use language unbecoming of anyone, but it is especially unbecoming of a child her age.

4. She Went Dark Almost As Fast As She Became Famous

When this little girl rose to sudden fame almost overnight, she gained a lot of followers in a quick manner. She was up to almost 2 million Instagram followers in 2018 – which is the same year she began posting to her account. The same year, she went inactive. She had some custody issues – from what we understand – as well as some brand issues with which to contend. She hasn’t posted since.

5. Her Parents are Not Together

It seems this little girl does not have a strong family background. Her mother and father separated when she was only a year old, and they left her in a very unstable situation. The two do not get along. Her mother, Angela, once said that the exes were not friends, and that they fought all the time. The thought process behind where this little girl went when she disappeared was that her father took her from her mother back to Vancouver with him.

6. His Daughter Thinks He Wants Money

When she went dark on social media, it was thought her father took her home. The young girl told the press that her father just wanted money from them for her fame and that she had not even had any physical contact with her father in many years. She also said that her father threatened to have her mother arrested if he could not take her.

7. A Spokesperson Came Out

When her father took her back to Vancouver to live with him, a spokesperson came out with a statement. That statement is essentially that her father wants to protect his daughter and stop the inappropriate language and videos online, the second is to start a trust fund for her so that at least 25 percent of her earnings goes into the fund, and the third is to provide her with structure in her ‘business,’ according to the spokesperson.

8. Her Brother Alleges Abuse is Going On

She has an older brother by the name of Brian, and he uploaded a photo of his sister from all thew ay back in 2018 to social media. He says that his sister is living with her abusive father and his wife, and that she is not in a good place. He alleges that she is out of money and cannot pay for her own ability to fight the Canadian custody agreement that her father has in place, and she needs help to escape this situation.

9. Her Brother Uploaded Disturbing Photos

In addition to telling the world that his sister is living with an abusive father, her brother also told the world that she is being abused by uploading photos of his sister in which she does not look so good. His goal with all of this is to raise money for his sister to help her get back to her mother.

10. Fans Are Not Sure They Believe Any of This

The problem, however, is that fans are unsure that they believe any of this. They do not believe that this young girl is being abused, necessarily. Some believe that the photos look like an allergic reaction of some sort. Others want to hear the young star speak out on her own behalf.

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