Let’s Talk about the “I Still Believe” Moment from The Lost Boys

Let’s Talk about the “I Still Believe” Moment from The Lost Boys

The “I Believe” concert was a moment in film history that a lot of people might have believed was little more than a chance for an oiled-up muscle-head to get a little bit of screen time for himself so that he could state that he’d been in a movie at one point in his life. The truth however, is that the sax player is Tim Cappello and quite honestly he’s a lot more interesting than you might think. The scene from The Lost Boys in question has little to do with the movie save for the fact that it’s when Michael notices Star for the first time, and by extension becomes drawn to her and then eventually to David and the other Lost Boys.

What’s so awesome about this scene is that Cappello wasn’t much until he happened to be in the right place at the right time. He wasn’t much to look at before his career really got started, and had begun a heroin addiction that could have eventually ended his life. Thankfully Tim got into bodybuilding and traded heroin for protein shakes. Eventually he go so ripped that he took his act back out on the road and oiled himself up to the delight of the music-lovers. He even got noticed by Carly Simon, who he managed to play for until she was crippled by a strange case of stage fright.

From that point he went on to play for Tina Turner, who had noticed his act and wanted him for her own onstage show. He did this for a while until she mentioned that he should try to get into acting. The Lost Boys was his first time in a movie and as a star it wasn’t the role that catapulted him to any kind of lasting fame but it was pretty noticeable since back in that era big, muscular guys that were shining thanks to the liberal application of oil that they’d spread over their bodies tended to be a big thing.

The whole time he spent on The Lost Boys took about two hours out of his life for a couple of minutes of screen time, but Cappello states that it was worth it to get noticed in such a way. He even still talks about that moment as one of the defining times in his life, as well he should. Most people might not remember him from this role but it still stands to reason that it was something larger than life that was glossed over as just another part of the movie. For Cappello though it was another part of the realization that he’d turned his life around and done something extremely positive with his talent rather than just flushing it with an addiction that could have ruined everything.

You could ask him what he still believes, but the answer might depend solely on what you add to the question since he tends to believe in a lot. I know what I believe, and that’s the fact that he had a moment of greatness in an awesome film, and that’s something you don’t let go of no matter what.

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