Let’s Talk About the Teaser Trailer to House of the Dragon

Let’s Talk About the Teaser Trailer to House of the Dragon

Let’s Talk About the Teaser Trailer to House of the Dragon

It’s apparent that House of the Dragon will start before we get to see Winds of Winter on the bookshelves, but is anyone that surprised at this point? There are plenty of excuses why Martin hasn’t finished the initial series that kicked things off, but a lot of people are as tired of hearing about them as he is of repeating them. Focusing on House of the Dragon, which might be shown in its entirety before Martin gets the initial series done, is a lot easier since it satisfies those that want to see something else that will excite them, and because it does look like a compelling story at this time. One thing that can be said about the trailer though is that Westeros doesn’t appear to have changed much in the years since the Targaryen’s came to the continent, as war, strife, and the suffering of the people appears to be a point that is bound to be well taken as the nobles continue to war among themselves and the people suffer whatever ill consequences come from it. 

But the fact that dragons are more prevalent in the prequel series is bound to make things at least a little different since it will change the landscape in a big way. Also, the idea that there are skilled dragon-riders among the Targaryen’s is also going to make a huge difference since, in GoT, Daenerys Targaryen rode one dragon but commanded three, while in this series, each dragon will have a rider, which turns up the danger dial to a hearty 11. Taking a look at the trailer though, there are many other similarities as the presence of the Targaryen’s is bound to be something that upsets whatever natural order was already in place. With the destruction of their home, however, it feels likely that any choice made by the Targaryen’s would be a problem for many people since this house isn’t known to be all that likable when it comes to their common practices. 

So far it appears as though the cast is bound to be impressive since many individuals are filling out the roles that will be given a great deal of attention, and will be easily recognized by many fans. But how long some of them will last is anyone’s guess considering that there is a habit of killing off characters that appear to be pertinent to the story for more than a few seconds. It’s very likely that many people are bound to wonder how long some of these characters will be allowed to last, as the chance that we’ll see one shift or another in the first few episodes feels likely. After all, GoT is known for bloody, extravagant deaths and a great deal of controversy within the story as things are pushed along at a speed that slows down and speeds up as needed to move things along. It does feel as though House of the Dragon might need to take time to build up the kind of personal investment that GoT enjoyed after a while, but it also feels as though people are starting to judge the show without having seen it yet. 

Many comparisons are already being made, and a lot of folks are trying to state what House of the Dragon needs to do to keep from making the same mistakes that GoT made. What people aren’t ready to do unfortunately is to wait and see what the show will be like when it arrives. It’s easy for people to speculate, theorize, and put their two cents in when it comes to a spinoff, but there are times when people might need to simmer down and not worry so much about what mistakes may be made or what parallels they can draw between GoT and House of the Dragon. Likely as not, there are plenty, but trying to sort out the entire history of Westeros is a bit tiresome, even though it appears to be a popular pastime with some fans. By the time the show airs on HBO Max, it does feel as though many fans are going to know as much as they possibly can about the characters, the settings as they’ll be in this era, and everything in between. 

This August it does feel as though people are going to be buzzing about this series, but already it feels as though there will be way too many GoT references that might attempt to analyze and break down the series in ways that help people to understand what they might be missing. That’s all well and good to be certain since those of us that have been following the story in a manner that doesn’t require further explanation can watch and simply enjoy. So far it doesn’t look like anyone is going to be disappointed, at least not in a big way. 

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