Let’s Talk About the Indiana Jones 5 Trailer

Let’s Talk About the Indiana Jones 5 Trailer
Let’s Talk About the Indiana Jones 5 Trailer

credit: Indiana Jones 5

After many days and months of speculation as to what Indiana Jones 5 will bring to the fans, the trailer gives us at least a hint of what’s to come since the nostalgic feelings brought about by Sallah at the beginning of the trailer make one think of the movies that have come and gone. The time was bound to come when both men would grow old and find that their adventuring days were at an end. Back in the earlier movies, when the story was set in the 30s and eventually made its way to the 50s, the magic was still there in a big way, though it did eventually get replaced by the science, as many professional archaeologists wouldn’t admit that the movies had anything to do with their discipline. But it does appear that Jones will be given another individual to partner with to search for the dial of destiny, which appears to be the next artifact that remains for him to find. Given that this movie is going to be taking place during the space race that occurred in the 60s, one can imagine that Jones will be subjected to the times in more ways than one. 

The whip and pistol combo isn’t going to be as effective any longer. 

There was a time when Indy was young enough and forceful enough to be accurate and even deadly with the weapons he carried. But from the look of the trailer, it’s kind of clear that he’s not quite as aggressive as he used to be and that people are going to be less wary of him than ever before. A lot of those who have been watching the Indiana Jones movies since they started up can recall being impressed with Jones since he was a strong figure that knew how to make his way through the world using his knowledge of other cultures and countries as well as his wits and his aggression to solve whatever needed solving. These days though, it looks as though people are wise to the idea of how Jones operates and aren’t really impressed. 

It almost feels as though Jones might be considered a relic of the past or might be forgotten entirely. 

Among the many scholars and treasure hunters that were still alive and active during his time, it’s fair to say that Jones would be recognized and remembered simply because of his many run-ins and collaborations. But those times have come and passed, and most of the people that he’s dealt with have either faded away, passed away, or been killed while seeking out one treasure or another. Jones’ enemies definitely haven’t outlasted him unless one wants to count the new enemies he might have made before finally settling in to become a teacher and nothing else. The trailer gives one the impression that he’s been doing what he can to pass the time and that he’s come close to letting go of the adventurous part of his person. 

Let’s Talk About the Indiana Jones 5 Trailer

credit: Indiana Jones 5

It’s kind of a hope that this might be the last movie. 

After Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it kind of felt as though Indiana Jones had run his course since bringing back his old love interest and discovering that he had a son, not to mention the idea that the years were starting to advance quicker than he wanted. But apart from that, there’s also the impression that it was simply time to let it go, even if the final scene of Crystal Skull made it clear that the adventures might not be done and over with. A lot of people breathed a collective sigh of relief when they found out that Shia LaBeouf wasn’t going to be the future of the franchise, as he wasn’t exactly regarded as the best part of the movie. But apart from that, it’s fair to state that some folks wanted to see the movies continue, and others wanted to see it finally rest since Harrison Ford is getting old, and eventually, Indy’s adventures would hit a wall that wouldn’t allow him to keep going. 

An aging action star can only go so far before they become ineffective. 

At some point, an action star kind of has to acknowledge that they’re done and that they’re no longer as efficient when it comes to certain roles. Every actor is bound to reach this point eventually, but it would appear that Ford is still running on the idea that he can and will be able to keep this up for at least one more movie. It’s true that others have done this, but the quality of their actions and their place in the movies have gone downhill as well, which means that it might be time to continue forward with dramatic roles and leave the action behind. 

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