10 Things You Didn’t know about The Fabulous Baker Boys

Sometimes to spice things up and get things moving an act needs a new face and a new feel. Unfortunately for the Baker boys that new face tends to cause nothing but problems when she begins to come between them. The trouble is that without Susie their sound is going nowhere fast, but with her it seems like their relationship and chance at fame is going away just as quickly. In such cases it’s usually best to figure out a happy medium so that all involved can feel like they came away with the best deal and no one gets hurt, be it their reputation or otherwise.

Too bad that’s not what always happens.

10. Michelle Pfeiffer wasn’t dubbed for any of her songs.

That is her actual voice you’re hearing when she sings, there is no dubbing. Pfeiffer has a beautiful voice.

9. Some of the disagreements between the Baker boys are based on real issues.

Considering that Beau and Jeff Bridges are brothers in real life it’s not hard to think that some of the issues in the movie are things they’ve argued about in their past.

8. The Bridges actually learned all the songs in the film.

The songs were recorded beforehand but the brothers wanted to learn them to make the film seem authentic. They also mimicked the hand movements of the original pianist.

7. One of Jeff Bridges’ favorite scenes was the fight scene.

Maybe it brought back memories of him and Beau throughout the years.

6. There were a few other women that were considered for the role of Susie.

Whether it was due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons the few notable celebrities that were thought about either declined or couldn’t make it so Pfeiffer was selected.

5. Michelle Pfeiffer had sung in Grease 2 as well.

Unless you’re a huge fan of Grease and its sequel you might not remember the movie, but she was in it and she did sing.

4. Jeff was allowed to cut the bald spot in Beau’s hair.

It was finally done after a few bottles of wine and a very bad decision on Beau’s part. He didn’t originally have a bald spot but the script called for his character to have one.

3. Jeff actually wanted to make a sequel to show what happened after the brothers’ split.

He talked about it in an interview in 2003, but so far nothing has come of it.

2. The famous scene on the piano took six hours to film.

Pfeiffer had to wear knee and elbow pads throughout the rehearsal and had only one choreography lesson.

1. Madonna was offered the role of Susie but thought it was too mushy. 

If you’ll remember right at one point in her a career Madonna was about as edgy as they came with her status as a sex symbol already well in place. Taking on this role might have helped push that image but she didn’t happen to think so.

Not a lot of folks remember this movie as of now but it was one of the better films during its time.

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