Fans Are Not Liking the Leaked Live-Action Powerpuff Girls Script

There are times when one could only hope that a ‘leaked’ script is due to a screenwriter attempting to troll the fans and get them thinking that what they’re about to see is going to be so horrendous or so controversial that they’ll react in a way that it will be great fun for the person posting and an accurate barometer of the intended audience’s overall mood when it comes to the story being written. It’s not exactly a smart idea to do this with certain properties, however, as the leaked script of the live-action Powerpuff Girls that’s supposed to be headed to the CW has already created quite the stir when it comes to the content and the overall story. From sexual innuendos to talks about trafficking, drug use, rehab, and the idea of race-swapping, the leaked script is nothing but a badly penned ‘woke’ manifesto that a lot of people are readily thumbing their noses at. The fact that the script leaked to the internet makes it easy to think that it might be a false script intended to rile up the fans and get them thinking that the CW is going all-in on the idea to force the Powerpuff girls to grow up and to give them a more woke feeling than many were anticipating. Some folks though are wondering if this is the CW’s attempt to gauge the reaction of the audience before unloading the show in a manner that is far more to their liking, thereby showing that they did ‘listen’ to the fans and adjusted things in order to be seen in a positive light. It’s a ploy that has the advantage of convincing the fans that the CW does pay attention to what they want, but it’s also a bit underhanded since it’s the type of test that proves that TV can manipulate people in a very profound manner.

There are plenty of people wondering if creating a live-action show of the Powerpuff Girls is even that great of an idea since the cartoon was special in its own way since it was utterly crazy but it was also something that people tended to enjoy as it was. There are plenty of shows that can benefit by being shown as live-action, but this doesn’t feel like one of them. The startling response by those that have been fans of the Powerpuff Girls for years is kind of interesting since one might have thought that people would be excited to see a different version of the show and might have flocked to it and defended the idea vigorously. Of course, that was likely if this script hadn’t been ‘leaked’ online, since the outrage that has occurred feels justified in some ways but also feels a little juvenile in others. Personally, I believe that pretty much any story is valid, even if it falls hard off the rails and comes to a grinding, screeching halt at some point. But this script does feel as though it was written by someone that values social justice and the need to say anything and everything that comes to mind rather than wonder if the audience is going to respond in a positive manner. There’s nothing wrong with that to be perfectly honest, but at the same time it needs to be marketable to be worth much, and if it’s not something that people are able to see as a positive switch, then it’s bound to flop in a pretty big way.

The funniest aspect about this is that some shows have been taken from their more innocent beginnings and turned into something that might appeal to the adult versions of those kids that at one time enjoyed the innocent cartoons or shows, and few people have batted an eye. But people are all over the Powerpuff Girls show, and it’s fair to say that if this is a trolling attempt to gauge their reaction then it worked, but it might have worked a little too well. It does feel that this leak was intended and that it might be the CW’s way of ascertaining what people really want to see, which is pretty dodgy behavior from a network. But if it has the desired effect and the show that does come out is a little more wholesome than the drivel that’s been released, it could work. Or, in one possible scenario, it will erode a bit of the trust that people have in the CW when it comes to adapting beloved cartoons into live-action shows, which would be a definite negative since the CW has been known for a while as a trustworthy network that has been able to present their material with the kind of precision and efficiency that has won over a lot of fans. Turning the Powerpuff Girls into drug-using, over-sexualized versions of themselves might not be the right route to go.

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