Imagine a Movie With Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, and Lara Croft

Imagine a Movie With Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, and Lara Croft
Rumoured plot details for Indiana Jones 5 surface online

credit: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

First, it’s completely understood that this type of crossover couldn’t happen since the fact is that Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, and Lara Croft are separated by quite a few years, meaning that Jones would be dead or far too infirm to be of much help to the two younger treasure hunters. But just for fun, putting the three of these treasure seekers together would be a lot of fun just to see what might happen. When one takes a good look at their attributes, it’s easy to see that all three of them are scholars, though only one of them is a teacher. Their gathered knowledge is impressive enough to make one believe that any expedition they might undertake would be a successful one since any information one of them lacked, the others might be able to fill in the blanks. As far as trusting each other, it would be intriguing to see if Lara would place her trust in the two men without reservation, as it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Jones would think of her as a novice at first or that Drake would give her his puppy dog look that appears to come naturally. 

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Would it come down to a fight? 

This feels like it depends on what they were going after and what purpose they had in mind for whatever they were seeking. One can imagine that Jones would want to see the item placed in a museum for everyone to enjoy, while Drake and Croft might want to add the item to a collection or see what kind of price it could fetch. But thinking that the three of them would engage in a fight is kind of amusing it doesn’t feel likely that Jones would hold up too well against either of his peers since their fighting styles are known to be a little more advanced than anything Jones has shown in the past. A fight between Drake and Croft would be interesting, though. 

Who’s the better explorer?

That’s kind of up for grabs since all three of them are a little heavy-handed at times, especially when it comes to actually retrieving an artifact. All three of them are extremely knowledgeable about the world, especially when it comes to obscure facts and bits of data that others have no clue about. It does feel as though Jones might be a little more skilled when it comes to actual exploration, but then again, he’s used to doing things the old-fashioned way, while Drake and Croft often rely on technology at least part of the time. This feels as though it would be a skill where Jones and Croft would outshine Drake just a little bit since while his knowledge is definitely on the level, his exploration abilities don’t feel quite as astute. When speaking about Drake and the average explorer, it would be easy to say that Nathan has the edge, but Jones and Croft are at the elite level when it comes to the movies, so Drake might have to accept his role as the third wheel of the group. | Tomb Raider | Movies

credit: Tomb Raider

It feels as though Lara would be the muscle. 

This isn’t to say that Jones or Drake wouldn’t be able to hold their own in a scuffle, but Lara’s ability to kick ass would definitely make her the go-to individual of the group when it came time to fend off anyone that might come seeking the same artifact. Her fighting abilities, as well as her tenacity and iron will would be enough to paint her as the individual that would be the best to stand as the group’s fighter. Jones could definitely throw a few heavy punches, and Drake would no doubt join in, but for my money, it would be Lara who would do the most damage in this matter. That’s always assuming, however, that they would even need to get into a fight. It’s not exactly a foregone conclusion since together. They would be highly effective and probably a lot quicker when it came to retrieving an artifact. 

As a team, they’d be hard to beat. 

Working together, this trio could likely retrieve just about anything they put their minds to since, with the knowledge, skills, and experience, they would be able to trump just about anyone. In fact, it would probably take a concentrated effort by a conglomerate of some sort with a very secure financial backer to even come close to beating these three. As one of the more effective crossovers, this would be the type of story that would be years in the making and likely worth every minute if it could ever be made. But, as mentioned, it’s not likely to happen since too many fans would be complaining about conflicting timelines. 

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