Let’s Talk About How Underrated Lucifer and Tom Ellis Are

Let’s Talk About How Underrated Lucifer and Tom Ellis Are

Lucifer Season 4

Any show or movie that features a character playing the prince of darkness, Lucifer in other words, is usually bound for intense scrutiny since the character of Christian lore is one that has sparked massive controversy ever since the beginning of religion and has become such a mythical figure that playing him needs to be done with a great deal of respect since it’s a part that isn’t to be taken lightly. Tom Ellis has been playing it up to perfection though as Lucifer thus far and despite having had to switch over to Netflix to continue the show and withstanding rumors that season 5 would be the last one. At this point season 6 looks to be very much in the cards though it hasn’t been renewed just yet. With the outcry of the fans that came when it was announced that the show might likely wrap at the end of the fifth season it was decided that perhaps the prince of darkness could last for another round despite his story being able to wrap up a season ahead of time. It could be said that Tom Ellis is just that good since he’s inspired fans to shout and cry loud enough to keep his show on for a while, but likely as not Netflix has seen another chance to make a bit more money with another season and has decided that it would be worth the cost. As Rebecca Vanacker of Screenrant has put it, this show has become infamous for keeping its fans on edge and whether it does get renewed for another season or not it’s been a fun and engaging show thus far and people have really responded to it in a big way.

The idea of Lucifer being someone other than a bad guy in any show isn’t new since this character has been viewed in many different ways throughout the history of movies and TV and it’s usually been anywhere from light and comical to dire and absolutely terrifying. There’s never been a dispute about the rift between Lucifer and God, who was also represented on the show, but there are always different interpretations of their relationship and how the fallen angel managed to lose the regard of his heavenly father and brothers in arms. It’s really all a matter of perspective when one looks at it as to how Lucifer stacks up to the other archangels and how he is perceived by humans since many would consider him to be irredeemably evil while others figure that he started his life as an angel so it might be that he’s capable of some kindness and compassion, though it will be continually tainted by an extreme and evil nature that has no real value for the love and respect that others feel for each other. Of course in Lucifer this is turned on its head again since the main character is not undeniably evil, though he is the devil and as such isn’t bound to be trusted by everyone implicitly.

Still, out of every show and movie that’s ever depicted Lucifer in one form or another, this one is among the most impressive largely because it does seek to go over the top a few times but not in any way that’s so far beyond the boundaries that it would be deemed as unacceptable. Instead Luficer is rather suave, slick, and more professional than anything since he’s not there to cause havoc continually and is more or less trying to have a good time and just exist. That sounds like an odd pastime for a character that’s been known as an evil and unrelenting entity for so long but it is the case in the show, though he does have conflicts obviously since otherwise things might get a little boring from time to time. One conflict that people would love to see more of is that of Lucifer and John Constantine being in the same room together, as has happened on the CW in the past. Whether it will happen again or not is hard to say, but it’d be something that fans might like to see to be certain. Amy West of DigitalSpy has more to say on the matter.

As of now season 5 of Lucifer will be rolling along and season 6 will hopefully be renewed and come about sometime next year. After that however it’s anyone’s guess and what might come could be the end that people were worried about for this coming season. If all matters are tied up and the story reaches a natural conclusion however the idea of continuing onward could be kind of tiresome if only because it could lead to a new story line that might keep the show going for longer than it needs to, thereby causing a downward spiral that many shows have fallen victim to over the years after lasting past their prime.

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