The Best Relationship in Vikings: Valhalla is Not Romantic

The Best Relationship in Vikings: Valhalla is Not Romantic

Vikings: Valhalla has several interesting relationships that viewers can connect with. Some are just a means to an end; others are about the importance of brotherhood and family. Interestingly, the show’s romantic relationships highlight how Vikings viewed love and showed devotion to their partners. 

The development of King Canute and Queen Emma’s relationship, built on respect and admiration, has been a strong point of the series. While Harald (Leo Suter) and Freydis’s (Frida Gustafson) relationship was the center of season one, the pair had to go their separate ways at the beginning of the second season. But that left room for viewers to fall in love with another relationship… between Harald and Freydis’s brother, Leif, played by Sam Corlett. 

Harald & Leif’s Bromance Reinforces How Powerful Platonic Relationships Can Be

Harald and Leif

Although Lief Erikkson was reeling from the death of Liv in Season one, he found solace in the kind astronomer Miriam (Hayat Kamille). But his friendship with Harald kept him grounded and helped him get through his grief. Harald also lost the love of his life and unknowingly his son but gained a brother in Leif. It wasn’t an easy time as Leif was also questioning his religion then. Their voyage to Constantinople, with a small group, leads them through dangerous lands, and the only way through is a literal waterfall. Although they’re not always on the same page, they go to great lengths to keep the other safe.  

 Their bromance may be tested even more in the upcoming season. Harald starts a romance with the young noblewoman they were traveling with, Elena (Sofya Lebedeva), who turns out to be the future empress of Constantinople. While Leif mostly followed Harald’s lead in the second season, will their dynamic change when he gets the small fortune Miriam left for him in her home? Leif might even be willing to return home but will Herald want to stay with the empress in Constantinople? It will be interesting to see what will happen to their relationship, having gained favor with the emperor for delivering the empress. 

The Romantic Relationships in Vikings: Valhalla Are Not Just About Romance

Harald and Freydis

Aside from the bromance in this Vikings spin-off series, some stand-out romantic relationships exist. Freydis and Harald are worlds apart but still think about each other constantly. Their destinies could lead them back to each other because of their son in later seasons. But aside from their attraction, they respected each other as warriors and individuals first. Even when they part ways, it’s a mutual decision because they realize they’re on different paths.

Another admirable relationship in Vikings: Valhalla was between Leif and Miriam. Although Leif is still grieving, he becomes fascinated by Miriam. He gains respect for her as she shares her knowledge of other worlds, the stars, and the heavens with him. Leif stays with her before she passes, showing how much he grew to care during their short time together. 

Even the English court has some intriguing relationships. Although Leif was helpful in Canute’s (Bradley Freegard) ascent to the English throne, Canute soon realized how powerful he would be with Queen Emma (Laura Berlin). And she does too. It’s refreshing to see two powerful leaders who understand they can do much more when they combine their wits and strengths. King Canute found a partner who could keep up with him in Queen Emma. Vikings: Valhalla not only portrays the show’s women as sexual beings but also sees them as ambitious, powerful, and useful allies in their conquests. 

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