Paramount+ Will Feature a Dungeons & Dragons Series

Paramount+ Will Feature a Dungeons & Dragons Series

credit: Dungeons and Dragons

Paramount+ will feature a Dungeons & Dragons series that will last for 8 episodes. At this time, it’s uncertain if this will stand as a one-off or if there are more projects to come. As of now, the D&D craze is still big, thanks to several factors. Stranger Things is one of them.

The other is the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie starring Chris Pine and several others. For many years people have played this game, though few have claimed as much since it’s usually considered a game for those with no social life. Ironically, this game is quite social and highly imaginative as well. 

Along with this, it has inspired several movies since the year 2000, but without success. The initial movie that was released in 2000 even had a decent cast, but still, nothing came of it. It’s too easy to say that a game like Dungeons and Dragons doesn’t translate well to TV or movies. But this doesn’t mean that people will quit trying. 

While there is a lot riding on the movie, a TV show could go a long way to keeping Dungeons and Dragons popular. Thankfully, there’s a lot of material to work with. 

Paramount+ Will Feature a Dungeons & Dragons Series

credit: Dungeons and Dragons

The special effects are bound to be slightly less effective

The cost of a series such as this will rise steadily. The effects will likely be less than a movie could boast. This is usually due to the fact that a series requires more and therefore has to deal with less. Unless the series is going to possess a huge budget, it feels safe to state that the effects will suffer a bit. 

This is why a strong story is needed to keep people interested. The movies that started in 2000 had low-level effects that did not help to generate the story. Despite having great casts, the stories were seriously underdeveloped. Sadly, it felt as though the director had no experience with D&D.

To be successful, this is what is needed. Either a director of such a movie or a series needs to have played the game or at least watched it being played. This allows for an accurate tale that fans can enjoy. It’s also easier to create a tale when one knows the material. 

A series leaves room for a lot of options

There are infinite tales that exist within the realms that exist in Dungeons and Dragons. Every campaign is different. Every goal is different. Each story is fleshed out by the characters and made possible by the Dungeon Master. 

The options that are left as a result are plentiful. This means that this series has a lot of expectations laid on it already. As of yet, there’s no hard information concerning how the story will go. The special effects depend heavily on the story. 

8 episodes don’t leave a lot of room for an extended story. But this does allow the beginnings of a campaign that will hopefully continue. Right now it appears that this idea could stand as a one-off and nothing else. But it does feel as though more Dungeons and Dragons projects could appear. 

Paramount+ Will Feature a Dungeons & Dragons Series

credit: Dungeons and Dragons

Hopefully, the story will remain faithful to the game

This is a constant hope when literature and games are used as inspiration. Movies and series suffer too often from poor representation. Dungeons and Dragons are just one of many games that have not received a good outing yet. Directors tend to include many elements of this game in a very ham-handed way. 

The hope for this series is that it will minimize the contemporary feel and focus instead on the gameplay. Given the fact that this game is played differently by everyone, the series is bound to go in a direction that many will not expect. 

Expecting too much of a story like this is not wise. Many D&D fans are going to want to see what they feel is a worthwhile story. What they’ll get is bound to start a debate in the fanbase. Dungeons and Dragons have a large fanbase, but they’re not exactly united. It’s very easy to assume that this series is going to try its best to remain faithful to the game. 

It feels that dragons and magic will be used extensively

Dragons are in the name of the game, but they don’t always take precedence. This series needs both dragons and magic to succeed. A story steeped in magic is highly entertaining. But it does need someone that has an idea of what they’re doing. 

What will happen is hard to say. But already, the anticipation for this series is growing. Fans of the game are going to watch closely as the series nears its release date. The series already sounds like it will end up being interesting. 

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