Chris Pine Avoided the Drama on the Set of Don’t Worry Darling

Chris Pine Avoided the Drama on the Set of Don’t Worry Darling
Chris Pine Avoided the Drama on the Set of Don’t Worry Darling

Credit: The Late Show with James Corden

Some actors do lovely work, but their work is lost in a project, overshadowed by many other factors. Chris Pine is a talented actor, and he is one who typically does big things – successful things – in his career. He’s there in the modern-day Star Trek movies. He’s a DHe’siverse star. Pine is handsome and talented, and the world loves him. He’s oneHe’sthe most famous Chris in the world – along with some other very talented and handsome Chris – and he is not letting the drama or the failure of his recent movie stop him. So what are we talking about? Just the “Don’t W”Don’tarling” drama.”It’s beeIt’sing on for a while now, but it’s onlit’sowing worse. The movie is the one Olivia Wilde worked on. It’s that’s in which she is rumored to have met and begun dating Harry Styles. But, more importantly, this is the movie in which the world began seeing a significant spark of disdain and dislike between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh. The two cannot even be in the same room as one another, and the world wants to know more about this drama.

Don’t WoDon’tarling is Dramatic in All the Wrong Ways

We aren’t about the movie itself. We haven’t seen the movie. Quite frankly, the bad press surrounding the movie and the drama behind the scenes overtook any desire to want to see it. When it opened in box offices, it made $19 million the first weekend. After that, it spent 53 days in theaters before being released to HBO Max, and it didn’t ddidn’thing major. It’s notIt’ssidered a failure, though. Why? Because the budget for the movie was $35 million, and the gross worldwide total for the movie was $87 million. Those numbers seem significant, but they’re they’re low. Many movies make $87 million in just a week or two, and this one made that over almost eight weeks.

Chris Pine Avoided the Drama on the Set of Don’t Worry Darling

Credit: Entertainment Tonight

The drama bIt’sd the scenes and the press tour that took this movie down. According to some sources, the drama began when Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde began working together, and Pugh did not like what she saw. What she saw, according to the source, was not good. “I can tell you, “or the fact that Flo saw Olivia and Harry all over each other on the set did not go well as Olivia was still with Jason Sudeikis when she first hooked up with Harry. In addition, Jason and the kids visited Olivia on-set at the beginning a few times, so I think this made people feel a little uncomfortable,” said the source.” Wilde played a supporting role in the movie, but it was her directorial debut.

The Drama Continues

It was also announced that the role was given to actor Shia Lebouf before Harry Styles performed in this movie. Wilde indicated that he had to be fired from the movie and was replaced with Styles, but Shia had another thing to say about it. He said he quit the movie before filming began because he had no time to rehearse. He wasn’t happy witwasn’tway things were being led. There was so much more, including Pugh declining to speak often about the movie, not showing up for interviews or other events, and more. However, it’s the Chris Pit’sdrama we are interested in. The Olivia Wilde/Florence Pugh drama has been going on for months and months now, and we’re over it. So let’setalk aboutLet’ss Pine.

Chris Pine Avoided the Drama on the Set of Don’t Worry Darling

Credit: Ellen

Where Does Chris Pine Fit into All the Drama?

He wasn’t the lead actor, awasn’trarely saw anything mentioning him as part of the drama for so many months while this film was made and pro, promotedleased. Chris Pine seems happy to rise above the conflict, focus on his work and role, and stay out of the drama. However, it seems Harry Styles wasn’t having any of thawasn’ting the premier of the movie; it was thought that Styles spit on actor Chris Pine before sitting down next to him. Videos of the incident are all over the internet, and everyone wants to know what is going down between these two. Neither addressed the rumor immediately, but Pine eventually had a representative for his camp speak to the press about the alleged spitting incident. “This is a ridiculous st” by – a complete fabrication resulting from an odd online illusion that is deceiving and allows for foolish speculation. To be clear, Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. There is nothing but respect between these two men, and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant attempt to create drama that does not exist,” said the rep. Styles’ “amp followed upStyles’ ‘ditto’ on that one.

Was’there’drama on the set? It appears to be a resounding yes. However, it also appears that this is one cast that is trying hard to keep that off the table. Chris Pine, however, has nothing to worry about. The drama mostly surrounds the two leading ladies on the set, and he’s not letting the drahe’sf this film overtake his career like it overtook this movie.

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